Not-so-guilty pleasure: Viewing cat videos boosts energy, positive ...

Horray! Cat videos are good for us.

If you get a warm, fuzzy feeling after watching cute cat videos online, the effect may be more profound than you think, according to research. The Internet phenomenon of watching cat videos, from Lil Bub to Grumpy Cat, does more than simply entertain; it boosts viewers' energy and positive emotions and decreases negative feelings, investigators say.

... watching online cat videos ... it's one of the most popular uses of the Internet today,...

Cat videos had more views per video than any other category of YouTube content.

This article introduced me to Henri, Le Chat Noir. "... Paw de Deux won the "Golden Kitty Award" for "Best Cat Video On The Internet" at the Walker Art Center's Internet Cat Video Festival."

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Very nice! 

I like most cat videos, but the award winning one did nothing for me.

I still don't know how to upload videos..

It appears Henri is a tortured soul . .. :( I prefer bouncy kittens. 

I love the deep thinkers - Dido tricked us at medicine time, he pretended that he didn't mind swallowing medicine at all. When I got the medicines he disappeared suddenly and put up a big fight. I guess he believes that he is better now.

Similar experience here - I got one chance and one chance only for good behavior. After that the ear drops wound up everywhere but in the ear!

Then I'm lucky! Dido swallowed pills for three days before he decided to stop.




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