More CO2 than ever before in 3 million years, shows unprecedented c...

The Potsdam Institute now has a computer simulation that predicts climate across 3 million years, which accurately reflects data from ocean sediment core data. 

Our results imply a strong sensitivity of the Earth system to relatively small variations in atmospheric CO2.

"It seems we're now pushing our home planet beyond any climatic conditions experienced during the entire current geological period, the Quaternary," says Willeit. "A period that started almost 3 million years ago and saw human civilization beginning only 11,000 years ago.

... current climate policy inaction, if continued, would exceed the 2 degrees limit already in the next 50 years.

This model forecasts catastrophic climate change, i.e. 2 degrees C rise, by 2069 on our present course. That means half of permafrost would melt, triggering out-of-control escalation toward hothouse earth, well within the lifetime of children now born. How dare we leave them a doomed world!

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But the fossil-fuel oligarchs must have their profits as usual!

Or not. It's up to us to create the change we need.

Haunting and taunting officials, huh. That should go for lots of others, like the entire Koch network and bankers investing 1.9 trillion in fossil fuel expansion.

Ruth, I started to enumerate all the techniques we used in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and with Martin Luther King, Jr., however, I found the Nonviolent Action done by Peace and Conflict Studies listed them all and gave valuable information, to boot. Some of the actions worked very well if we had a large coalition of people participating. It was frightening and difficult to take action as a single individual and knowing we had the Constitution to back up our claims made it easier. 

Working with the CANSS group against the silicon smelter being built in Newport, WA. is interesting and invigorating. I am no longer able to participate the ways I did in the 1960s but there continue to be tasks for little old ladies who tire easily. 

"The struggle goes on!"

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You're a role model for me, Joan.




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