nice article

Catholic archbishops are not alone in clergy living like emperors, but I bet they are really pissed off about the cnn article. 

Really amazing.  All the catholic and other christian glorification of the poor....  leaves more $$$ for the clergy,

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Actually, I'm not amazed. Not even in the slightest. I've know since childhood - 50+ years ago - that the higher the clericald rank in the RCC, the greater the perks. Better residence, cars, clothes, cuisine, valuable accoutrements, social contacts, disposable wealth, and even bed partners. And, before anyone starts to think that Pope Frankie the Gaucho is a model of humility, remember that he lives in the Vatican, with access to Castle Gondolfo. Not exactly the wrong side of the railroad tracks.

These individuals believe they hold an ecclesiastical rank slightly above that of Jesus, and are entitled to the lifestyle that goes with it.

Talk about "Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless" ... there it is.  The hell of it is, were Francis to attempt to pull a Shoes of the Fisherman number and liquidate the church's riches in favor of service to the poor, the rest of the hierarchy of the church would be up in arms faster than you could say, "Mea culpa."  The RCC is utterly inured to its position and privilege and would likely not even give it up at gunpoint.

If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, here is the most accurate example of that expression.

Well said. For centuries they tortured and murdered anyone and everyone who didn't adhere to the smallest facet of their fairy tale metaphysical scheme, which I tended to fall for until about 6th grade. They would probably still be doing it if they could get away with it, and with five clones on the supreme court they probably will soon enough. I think it was Bertrand Russell who called them the most evil organization on the face of the earth.

What surprises me the most, is that anyone would be surprised.

I know, they're the same as the European ones, disgusting!

My Catholic dad owned and ran a neighborhood meat market. His customers included the parish priests. While I was 150 miles away at the state university, my kid brother delivered meat and some groceries. He said that often when he approached the rectory, a liquor delivery truck was there.

What would we learn from truthful interviews with the butlers, servants, housekeepers, et cetera, of these men who live (and rule) like monarchs?

Excellent article.
I hope the pope puts the whole bunch out on their sorry asses.
As much as I dislike religion this pope gives me hope for them.
Now if someone could straighten out the rest of the bunch. Lol

I think the way they are living is the best reason for us to see why they continue on as believers. Look at what they would all lose if they left religion. This is true for every one of them and not just the Catholic.

Thanks for sharing that article SB.  I have posted the article link on my Facebook page so others can be informed!  




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