catholic business should have the right to deny birth control in health coverage

So far all I've heard in this case (anyone know the name?) is the argument that employers shouldn't have the right to deny women birth control coverage in their health care plans, and I've been wondering, why the hell not? Here is my reasoning:


First there is the question of whether businesses should be allowed to hire people based on their convictions. I fully support businesses being able to not hire smokers, for example. Personally, cigarette smoke makes me violently ill, and just smelling it on someone's clothes even long after they had their fix has this effect. I wouldn't be able to work with smokers (and I've had to leave some jobs for this very reason), so I would want to work somewhere that didn't allow smokers to work alongside me, and if I owned a business I wouldn't want to have to hire anyone who was going to make me sick through their actions. But perhaps this is a special case.


On the other hand, there are other ways to be discriminating about whom one would or would not hire. What about being allowed not to hire people based on skin color, or gender, or sexual orientation, or age, etc? This area remains pretty grey to me, because on the one hand there should be plenty of opportunities for people of all stripes to find work, but since we can't seem to figure out how to make employment available to everyone, it is not fair to discriminate on such criteria. Still, in a world where competition takes place on a level playing field, I think there is merit to allow any kind of discrimination one wants. My belief is that the businesses that discriminated according to such criteria would simply fail because they would be less competitive than those that did not.


Which brings me to the Catholics. If they want to deny birth control coverage in their health plans to their employees, ideally the employees would just leave and find work elsewhere, which would make the Catholic businesses less competitive, and I think would also make Catholicism less competitive in the marketplace of ideas. The only objection I can find to this line of reasoning is that it is just too hard to find work these days, and allowing businesses to stand up for their convictions would only exacerbate a difficult job market. Do you see things differently or the same?

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I'm new here so I wasn't sure how that response would be received.

I am not a new Atheist I'm just now starting to peek my head out of the closet so I think I may have some post traumatic stress syndrome from my time in Christanity. I'm used to the Christian way where if you say something they don't like they try and chop your head off.

It will take me a while but I will settle in. Thanks :)

Nara, I like your response. I was raised a Catholic and was even an altar boy. No, I was never touched or molested. I must have been the ugliest one in the group - LOL. Though, I did drink my share of communion wine after weekday mass when the priest ducked out to bang the rectory's female housekeeper. IMHO, you're doing just fine. We all don't always get agree with each other. But then again, that's nature of us who choose to think for ourselves. 

It would appear then that my little experiment had a nice added benefit to it as well. I was aware that being deliberately provocative could set me up for a very gracious-sounding response, which I was happy to give, but there was also the chance that I could be accused of being deceptive. In any case, I think it worked out well. But Nara, don't let my response fool you. There are plenty of people here who will try to chop your head off for disagreeing with them, and in fact I might be one of those people, if you catch me on the wrong subject on the wrong day! Just being honest. We are not all that different from theists, as to our basic human nature, so just be aware of that. I'm not telling you not to be honest about what you believe - far from it! I'm just saying it does help to be prepared for some pretty stout, and sometimes downright nasty, responses from people here, just as you would anywhere. But there are also people here who will be very supportive and will defend their arguments well and maturely too. I can well imagine Christianity could give one PTSD-like symptoms! Oh the humanity! Religion hurts most of us in one way or another I suppose. Welcome to the site!




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