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Catholic Church's heavy hand weighs down the Irish
November 19, 2012

By Annie Laurie Gaylor
FFRF Co-President

Last week I wrote a blog about the heavy hand of the Catholic Church upon women in the Philippines. Two days later came news of the horrifying and unnecessary death of a young, professional Indian woman living in Galway. Savita Halappanavar died after an incomplete miscarriage, denied a life-saving abortion because in predominantly Catholic Ireland the hospital was too cowardly to save her life.

Even though Ireland’s constitution bans abortion, a 1992 Supreme Court ruling was issued permitting abortion when the woman’s life is at risk.

Savita’s pregnancy was wanted. She wasn’t seeking an abortion, she was seeking medical intervention to complete a miscarriage. The hospital, afraid of Catholic criticism, held back, waiting for the fetus to die on its own. Thus, in the name of saving an already doomed fetal life, a woman’s life was lost as well. Savita, a married dentist, was pronounced dead Oct. 28, after a week of suffering. Dying of blood septicemia (blood poisoning) is one of the most gruesome and painful of deaths.

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Women have put their lives on the alters of religions from ancient times, following the teachings of ancestors who put their trust in god/s of all sizes and shapes and with outlandish tales of virgin births, births out of foreheads of fathers, springing from blossoms and even the old stork delivery system. All utter nonsense. Tell that to the women who have no control over their lives, who submit to ignorance and domination, who believe fabricated lies that keep them held down. The saddest part is when women acquiesce to the dictates of made-up stories, thinking they do the right thing. The Stone Age ended, not for lack of stones but because people learned new skills and developed new religions. The Bronze Age ended centuries ago and still some bow down to desert tribal culture. The Iron Age morphed into more advanced Ages because of new knowledge and understanding, even as some people cling to superstition.

Catholicism is heinous.  I'm surprised they even claim to have ethics. 

True Sentient.

Catholicism doesn't have ethics, it has dogmas.

Dogmas were invented by ancient naive fools hundreds of years ago and cannot change and the study and upholding of these out-of-date doctrines is by out-of-date usurpers known as Theologians and Priests.

Ethics is dynamic and evolves with societies.

Our ethics evolved beyond and became superior to Catholic dogmas a couple of centuries ago, yet, still they wrongly believe their Catholic dogmas to be superior.  This is due to propaganda theologians push to keep their butts in a job.

Essentially, theology and theologians should become nothing more than church ministers and priests with theology doctorates removed as academic studies.

The murder of the woman by the Irish Catholic Hospital, only highlights the deficit in ethics that Catholic dogma lacks.

Catholicism is far from humanistic, it puts being sycophantic to God above people's lives.

Aye M8! 

It is past time to take on religion with a honest skipticism! Polite doesn't do it. Every time a silly claim comes from the lips of believers, we need to be ready to challenge them with such direct affronts as, "You believe in the virgin birth?" or "Don't tell me you believe the story of the wise men!" or "You can't be serious abut the resurrection!" or "That is silly!" or "I respect you too much to think you believe ...!" 

Just as in domestic violence, being kind or thoughtful or gentle or patient just does not get the message across. 

So True Joan!

When I started posting on Australia's ABC Compass religion forum there were a dozen of so die hard theists kicking into a few atheists who were trying to be over-polite in return. The theists were mostly having their own way.

My troll type of kicking them where it hurts the most as almost removed all the theists from the site, now there's only a couple left who do their best to ignore my metaphorically kicking them in the head. 

They might iggy me, though, by their dropping off I can tell I'm not letting them get even a little bit comfortable.

They'll just have to put up with me calling them brain-dead loons.

Aye M8!  :D  

That 's the way to do it. 

what a cutie!

Looks skeptical!

Thanks, Steph, and Ms. Gaylor.  I almost wept reading it.  I, who thought he would be shocked that anyone would question Roe V. Wade in 2012!  Of course the Irish have no Roe v. Wade, and they do have the last vestiges of Irish Catholic dogma enshrined in, of all things, the nation's constitution.  May I ask the Irish how the good Catholic Mexican expat, Carlos the Rat Salinas Gotari, lives a free man in Ireland after cheating the Mexican people out of millions if not billions of dollars.  Example of his treachery: He arranged for the country's equivalent of ATT to be vested in control by the muy muy billionaire Carlis Slim Hlu.  The same CSH who is thinking of buying the New York Times.  Treachery!  It abounds and in most nations where Catholicism is entreanched, chicanery will be presumed.  Long live the Zapatistas! The Pop refused to visit Mexico City on his last trip, instead dropping in on a city where Guadalupe rules, a great irony in that the RCC created and perpetuated this myth in further efforts to syncretize religious movements.

Thank you so much James. Appreciate your reply.

Religon is another name of unnaturl ethics. Religious ethics orignate from a society of past with no comparison with societies we do live in today. Most of their ethics is actually in conflict with social needs of todays world. In refrence of present time we can logicaly say that religions don't have any ethics.

Oh! I agree with you wholeheartedly! If we continue to treat other people as badly as the religious communities have, we are doomed beyond doubt. 

Atheism is nothing more than believing there is no evidence of god. For me, it means so much more, it means developing a lifestyle that empowers all individuals and each sub group, whether female, other races, homosexuals, handicapped, poor, or whatever, to flourish and to participate in life in ways that heal the Earth and make it flourish as well.


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