Catholic Church's Return To Exorcism Makes It Possibly The Dumbest Religion On Earth!

This article, if it bears any truth? Is somewhat alarming to any rational individual. 

The Rise Of Exorcism In The Catholic Church

This article mentions one Catholic Exorcist: Fr Gabriele Amorth,

Who, by his own comments, must be one of the most Ignorant, naive and totally dumb human beings alive today, apart from young earth creatards.

For over 200 years now we have known that diseases are the property of physical defects and pathogenic organisms.

Since Freud, we have realized that psychological problems are either from brain damage, deformities or childhood experiences.

Modern Neurology has confirmed that many conditions once considered as due to Evil or Demonic Possession are simply defects or injuries to the individual's brain.

For instance the case of a 40 year old man who's brain tumour caused him to become an uncontrollable paedophile. When the tumour was removed, he returned to normal, but, it grew back and again caused uncontrollable urges to be a paedophile.  Only to be fixed by removal of the tumour again.  So damage to the frontal cortex has been known to create severe behavioural distortions and even psychopathy.

Egg Size Tumour Turned Normal Male Into An Uncontrollable Paedophile.

So much so that the Christian practice of Exorcism has almost become extinct well, that is until now.

It appears that the Catholic church is training exorcists and here is a link to the Catholic Churches Right Of Exorcism.

Catholic Right Of Exorcism

To reintroduce Exorcism as a practice is taking knowledge back at least 1000 years and returning us to the idiotic dark ages.

The Catholic Churches Naive and Thoroughly Ignorant Excuses For Reviving Exorcism:

1: The increasing dissent from belief in the Catholic Megalomaniac god.

Though this has nothing to do with evil, nor demons, it is purely a product of rational thinking and Catholicism's own stupidity in not finding, nor displaying any evidence whatsoever for their god.

2: The rise in Satanism, and pagan superstitions being worshiped.

Since there is equal, zero evidence for both god and Satan, it appears Satanism is purely a social reaction to the stupidity of Catholicism.

3: The rise of Pentecostalism with it's speaking in tongues as the Catholic church considers such glossolalia as a sign of demon possession, not of a holy spirit.

This is false as the Glossolalia is simply people believing their silly noises which are not even a language at all, just babble as being a gift, so they simply keep doing it, because they think god expects them to.  I can still speak and sing in tongues, I know it is meaningless, I can make my tongue speak sound like Chinese, Indian or Arabic languages at will, it is just random noise.

No demon possession there, just people being conned into believing their noises mean something significant.

Every argument the Catholic church uses to support reintroduction of Exorcism are Argument From Ignorance Fallacies.


Though the entire Catholic Church itself is a living Fallacy.

There is no arguments for its existence that are not entirely Fallacious.


Even Pope Frank would know this, if he is a Rational Person.



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Look out for more movies to be made about this subject now. I used to enjoy them but today I laugh myself silly. A little entertainment at the expense of the Catlick Church.

Pentecostals eat that up too.

Patricia, the truth is that I cannot enjoy anything TV or movie wise that is supernatural. As a beleiver I ate that stuff up. Today it's just silly and boring. I do watch "The Flash" (mostly to see Candy Patton) but horror stuff makes me laugh like a loon.

I don't like reading that much.

I'd rather watch a good debate.

I've downloaded lots of debates, watch or listen to them instead of television.

This is why I like trying to spot fallacies in people's arguments.

I'm trying to train myself to be a Rational Critical Thinker.

It's hard to defeat your own biases.

Which is a key element in RCT.

I struggle there at times.

Yes, Michael, 

I make everybody sick of my presence during horror movies.

I just keep uttering  "As If's" and laughing out loud.

Can't help myself.

They never invite me to horror movie nights.

I don't wonder why.

I have never been much of a movie or TV fan because I was born with defective eyes.  Even looking at my monitor gets painful after a while.  (I hated "I Dream of Jeanie" and "Bewitched"!)

However, I did enjoy the first "Harry Potter" movie, which is supernatural in a light-hearted way.  The second movie had too much screaming in the beginning, in the "flying car" sequences, so I never played the whole thing.  I have all the books, and really don't like the later ones as the story goes along and gets darker.

I've just never liked horror fiction of any kind, unless it's satire/spoof...such as "Young Frankenstein"

I don't think I was ever 100% convinced that gods were real, although I went through a 5-year period in my teens when I TRIED to believe because most of my friends did.  And my brilliant father was trying to drown himself in gin...or vodka.  I was hoping prayer would work.  HAH!

Waste of time....

Ouch Sk8eycat.

I had a problem with my eyes and green screen monitors in the 1970s, when I was learning to program computers.

Looking at a green screen monitor for more than an hour would give me severe migraines.  Sometimes we had to work on them for a couple of hours or more to get a program out within the assignment deadline.

I'd then go to my cubicle, lock the door and lay in the dark for a couple of hours.

Otherwise, if somebody opened the door and let even a bit of light in, it would send a shocking pain through my head.

That was why I ditched computer programming for pottery.

Pottery gave me more creative pleasure and no migraines, ever.


I've never tried real pottery, but I have always been fascinated watching potters work....just simple bowls, jars, mugs on a wheel. 

Years ago there was a teacher (whose name I've forgotten...Susan somebody) who taught a class on our local PBS station.  I was especially drawn to the Japanese technique of putting hot ware into a bucket of damp leaves, and getting a random pattern as a result.  Lovely stuff.

Yes!  That's one of her books.  I Googled around last night, found her name, and a lot of info on her interest in Native American work.

Shoji Hamada was considered a Japanese National Treasure.

Here is one of the many wine decanters I made.

I'd make a couple of them a week, they were popular.

I'd make them nice and thin from top to bottom so that those pouring the wine, didn't have to be built like Conan The Barbarian in order to serve wine.

Oooooh!  I like it!  Since I don't drink much wine, I'd use it for a vase, if that's all right with you.

I've got one I use for a vase, as I don't drink much wine either.

I could probably get a purple with cobalt and copper in a glaze, sometimes copper will give a purplish colour if not reduced too much, but more likely a greenish results.
That was a Redbyrne pottery glaze that Rob Waterson perfected, a mottle rutile matt glaze over tenmoku.

It's a pity Redbyrne closed its doors, but I suppose Rob and Dawn had little choice as we workers all got out when sales died. The only potteries open in Australia I know of, especially around here are hobbies where the owners are not making their incomes from sales. The Australian government killed us by getting handicap centres to make pottery and undercut our prices in our markets, since they were government subsidized. Flooding the market with cheap, dubious quality products.


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