The Roman Catholic Church™ will have to pay property tax.  Not clear to me if that just applies to Roman Catholic Church™-owned businesses, or if non-business-related churches are included. (Is there a church that is not, at least, an entertainment business?  Like, say, movie theaters? or various "clubs"?)

Also, I suspect that does not apply to Vatican City, which is an independent country.

This follows a petition by Italian citizens to force the organization to pay taxes.

Now to make that happen in the USA.....   Something our politicians wouldn't touch with a 10-foot cross.

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Good Night, Irene!!!  If the Italians can make this happen THERE, would someone tell me WHY we can't make it happen HERE!!!

Agreed Loren - they should all pay taxes here - all the churches

# lawyers that drank the koolaid

Well, at least one government in the western world has some brains, and testicoli.

ha, irony~? or time to share the gold and rubies with the hungry and dying people of religious oil'wars?

Uruguay’s Senate has passed a measure legalizing first-trimester abortions, and the president is widely expected to sign it into law, making Uruguay one of a few Latin American countries to allow abortions for any reason. Those seeking abortion would need to explain their case before a panel of healthcare professionals, hear about alternatives such as adoption, and then wait for five days. Uruguayan Senator Constanza Moreira defended the right to abortion.

Senator Constanza Moreira: "They are the sexual and reproductive rights of women. No woman can be obligated to carry out a pregnancy she does not want. That is violence against women. And, well, separating women from their bodies and giving them the right to not just be a body where a future life can be held has taken many years."

The clip said property taxes would apply to commercial or non-church properties, which encompass about 20% of ... what?  All Italian land?  All the land value of Italy?  Anyway, it sounds huge.  In this country, such a rule might bankrupt the Mormon church -- until they raised the tithe from 10% to 20% anyway.  Of course, I'd even apply it to church buildings, as theaters, private schools, and child care facilities have to pay.


and the jailing of scientists in Italy.. not so much

the jailing of scientists for not predicting earthquakes....  i keep hoping there is more to the story.  Sounds very bad!


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