while great news on its own, i think this cuts to the heart of it:

"The fact that the church retained this treasure trove of documents, even as revelation after revelation of sexual abuse became public over the last 30 years, is mind-boggling proof of the church’s belief in its own invulnerability. Some priests warned that incriminating documents should be destroyed, but the warnings fell on deaf ears."


i guess they figured God would protect them.  oh, who am i kidding, they know more than anyone that God doesn't do jack shit for them.  i'd be shocked if most Bishops and Cardinals aren't Atheists themselves.  

all in all, this is pretty significant.  i doubt it will get major press coverage, but hopefully it will get some.  of course, the content itself may prove difficult to ignore.  i guess we'll see what comes out.  

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i'm sure it's common among priests, but i think it's even more prevalent in the higher ups.  they know the scam, and are instrumental in perpetrating it.  at that level, it's about MONEY.  




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