I was going through my old email from after Pope John Paul II croaked (I hope he's rotting in his grave, but we all know he is... LOL)... anyhow, here's a letter I wrote to the catholic bishop of my city around that time, and the reply from his office:


Dear Bishop Tonnos,
With the recent extensive news coverage of the death of the catholic pope, it's come to my attention that the world perceives there are 1.1 billion worldwide catholics.  This number is most likely hugely
skewed due to the fact catholics remain catholics in the eyes of the
church until they die, regardless of their actual beliefs.  I was
baptised catholic, but I have not practised the faith for decades, and
further to that, I've found alternative enlightenment.
I do believe the only way to get my name off 'the list' is via excommunication.  I would like to start this process immediately, to sever any affiliation with the catholic church that I might have.  I have
researched a bit, and it seems there are only a few ways that one can
get excommunicated -- specifically, procuring an abortion, or
'apostasy, heresy, or schism'.  I can provide you with receipts for
donations to Planned Parenthood, if that would help, or write up
whatever is necessary to aid in the excommunication
process.  I am a vocal heretic and can sometimes be heard expressing my
views on Cable 14's "The Opinionators" or in letters to the Editor
about such topics.
I was baptised Jo [last name] at St. Lawrence's parish in late 1972.  I was born [date], but I'm unsure of the actual date of my catholic baptism.  I was confirmed by Tonnos himself, in
1986 at St. Lawrence's as well.  Do I need to do this through St.
Lawrence's, or through the diocese?  I don't believe St. Lawrence even
has a parish priest on site anymore, as a lot of parishes don't now,
due to dwindling vocations.
I would like a written confirmation of my excommunication, when this occurs.
Thank you so much for your time and attention to this matter!
Jo P.


Dear Jo P.
Your e-mail of April 6th addressed to Bishop Tonnos was forwarded to me and I am pleased to respond to you at this time.
You may send a copy of your baptismal certificate to the Reverend Isaac Chackalparampil, the pastor of St. Lawrence Parish, [address here] asking him to make a notation in the baptismal
register that you have formally renounced your Catholic faith.  In this way
a public record will be made of your renunciation.  You may ask Father
Chackalparampil to send you a formal acknowledgment stating that your decision
has been noted.
Hoping this information is of assistance to you, I am
Kee O.

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I verbally attempted to withdraw from membership in my former church group, but the minister didn't carry through with the request with the board of directors. It only mattered to apprise them of my decision, but would have made no difference otherwise.

I can't imagine they would wish to claim me as one of their own, but that is how most Protestant denominations would handle it, not Catholic ones.




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