At least when it comes to a lawsuit.

Very briefly, pregnant mom dies of heart attack.  She was carrying twins.  Dad sued.  Hospital says can't sue about the twins because by Colorado law they aren't people.

via the friendly atheist.

The rest of the time, of course, fetuses (feti?) ARE human life. 

I get so confused.

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it's pathetic people don't get the correlation between erroneous belief systems and profit margins..?

remember that south park ep. 'baby jesus fetus.. oh man.. like catharsis w/o endangering the public i tell u!

sad days ahead for those that don't find outlets outside of bigot hobbies; like fundamentalism theology club$

Typical doublethink.  The catholic church specializes in it.

-> Inc. <-
Scientoli linktIN?
_Islami:freeagents? LLC

Legions I tell u what...

Mormn>Evangeli's Inc's.. 
Kind of like Taco Bell compared to a homemade very good taco; seasoned to perfection. ~

It's all about power and money.  in this case, they are excusing it as state law, which overrides the reilgious claim, unless you are talking about marriage equality or abortion rights, in which case it doesnt.  Alice in Wonderland as religion.

If this defense flies, then abortion will end up getting a boost because of it.  Oh, the irony.  More cafeteria Catholicism.

I think the Catholic Church is just covering their butt on this one. So, now they say the fetus isn't human so they can't be out money - they just don't want to be sued.

Note that their strategy does not rely on their belief that fetuses are people, only that the law does not regard a fetus as a person. That is, the father would be able to sue if the fetuses were legally considered people. Even if the church's position is that these were people, he is seeking justice though the legal system, not through the church. That being said, if these unborn were old enough to survive outside the womb, wouldn't they legally count as people? If they were too old to legally terminate, then they should be covered.




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