In Why Is the Homophobic Catholic Church Filled With Closeted Gay Prie... Mark Dowd says public homophobia/private homosexuality goes beyond hypocrisy.

We interviewed clerics and ex-seminarians in the UK, US and Rome and uncovered a huge irony: the very institution that teaches that the homosexual orientation is "intrinsically disordered" attracts gay candidates for the priesthood in numbers way in excess of what one would expect, based on numbers in society at large. One seminary rector based on his own experience told me the number was at least 50%. Gay Catholics like me will appreciate another irony with the news of Cardinal Keith O'Brien's resignation: that the very man whose trenchant rhetoric on the subjects of gay adoption and marriage has been brought down by accusations of improper same-sex behaviour from no less than four men who crossed his path in the 1980s, either as a seminary rector or as archbishop of Edinburgh.

The knee-jerk reaction is to scream "hypocrite", but I take a more measured view. The coming to light of these tales is a positive development.

... those who seek to cover their own guilty tracks by the uncharitable nature of their words know that a watching public is getting wiser to some of the unfortunate mind games that have been played out over the decades.

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"... those who seek to cover their own guilty tracks by the uncharitable nature of their words...."

Can it be protection by projection?

I used to precinct-walk (prior to elections) in a neighborhood where I heard from people who'd just worked their way out of the day labor part of the city. Their condemnations of that part of the city and the people who lived there exceeded, in bitterness, anything I'd ever heard. I wondered why, until I realized that their condemnations probably served to keep them from falling from their new status to their former status.

A young gay in Catholic schools hears priests endlessly attack his orientation and perhaps hopes he will escape his homosexuality if he's in a place where he hears more such attacks on it.

And guess what? Instead of escaping, he's got company.

An SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous) chapter where I once lived was well known as a place where repressed gay men could meet other repressed gay men.

My dad, a Catholic, owned a small meat-and-grocery store and while I was away at college a younger brother delivered to the parish rectory. He told us he often saw liquor delivery trucks at the rectory.

When one means of escape fails, were the priests using another?

Their Church teaches that unhappiness in this life doesn't matter, as this life is simply preparation for another life.

They would have been motivated, not to change, but to die.

I always thought that myself - and now they have uncovered it.

I've always thought that priests turned to young boys because they have inherit sex drives, and sex with young boys can't really be called "sex" because these boys are not women. Therefore, the priests are not breaking their vows. How appropriate that they are called "rectors." One would think that the priests and nuns would get together, but the nuns are married to Christ and he owns their bodies, so no sex with men.

Look at the above properly, and the very situation causes itself! Rather than correct the cause and allow marriage, the Catholic Church just goes on and on with the same old crappy belief system that caused the problem in the first place. They cover up for their own in hopes that "prayer" and "penance" might solve the problem. It won't.

To view the problem differently than the above one has to think that men at becoming priests so they will have a shot at having sex with young boys. If you believe that one, then you have to also think that gay men are approaching young boys on the street at random and having sex with them. I doubt seriously if this is happening!

The catholic church has no more reason to believe that homosexuality is "intrinsically disordered" than that the bible says so, and even it doesn't give an objective reason why other than Yahweh says so.  They also say that homosexuality is wrong because it doesn't give rise to children, but on that basis, they should be rescinding the marriage license of every couple over 50.

Whether the church likes it or not, homosexuality is becoming accepted within the United States and indeed much of the first world.  The church wants to lean on Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, and yet they have nothing to say to their parishioners about the consumption of shellfish (Leviticus 11:9-12).  Whyizzat?

No, they are not just like the rest of us.  They are misogynists of the first order and at war with women in general.  Not only do they condemn abortions (and I can understand that,) they condemn birth control of any kind including protection from HIV.  They threaten their followers with hell fire and damnation to control their flock by fear.  And they meddle in politics to try to sway elections in favor of these misogynistic views.  The so called "Christian Right" is no more united in their belief in the same god than were the Greeks of old with their multitude of "gods."  Maybe someday people will wake up to this and maybe as more and more abuses come to light, it will be easier for them to do so.

ha.. why lie. it's a 'profit' thing.. hello. sides are fighting over control of real estate. 
in the USA they battle over taxes.. in France they lose their marbles.. nutters!

in Florida however...




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