Vatican Reprimands a Group of U.S. Nuns and Plans Changes

The Vatican has appointed an American bishop to rein in the largest and most influential group of Catholic nuns in the United States, saying that an investigation found that the group had “serious doctrinal problems.”

The Vatican’s assessment, issued on Wednesday, said that members of the group, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, had challenged church teaching on homosexuality and the male-only priesthood, and promoted “radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith.”

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The Catholic Church has been anti-woman from the outset.  It's also anti-human being and anti-rationality, but that's nothing new either.  It's a giant corporation and has all the characteristics of one.  Top down management, ruling the lives of employees and customers -- uh, religious and members, establishing absurd policies.  In America most of its members just live their lives and ignore the stupidity and cruelty of the organization.  If only they'd think clearly and withdraw!

"Think clearly"?!?  Who are YOU kidding???

They are just trying to keep those radical feminist nuns from infecting others with rational thought.  

No disrespect Annet, but what's with the "again?"  Since when have they not hated women? Women are to keep their mouths shut in church (1 Corinthians 14:34). They are to have no authority over men (Timothy 2:11).  Only men can be priests (Catholic Catechism paragraph 1577).

Here's a pretty good summation of their attitude toward women.

And don't forget to iron their shirts Booklover!  (while they are wearing them... :) ) 

You are correct Pat, I realized afterward I should have used "still" or "yet again" or "f-ing a-holes".  

Pederast degenerates would be a little more accurate.

The catholic religion needs a reformation.  Wait, it already had one.  never mind.

The outcomes of the "investigation" were obvious to blind-freddy from the start:  those uppity nuns, thinking for themselves!  Must be stopped!


And sorry to everyone here who thinks this is only a Catholic thing, it isn't.  Every religion teaches misogyny, not only christian-based religions, and every religion is led by misogynistic men. 

This is not a news flash.

This trumped up Catholic investigation was designed to humiliate and demean a group of intelligent, pious women, to pull them back into line, to silence them.  Every religion does it, but in the christian vein of religions, the Catholics have no shame when it comes to hating women.

I think I've quoted this elsewhere, but it's so on point that I figured, what the heck.  Wisdom from The Witches of Eastwick:

Men are such cocksuckers aren't they? You don't have to answer that. It's true. They're scared. Their dicks get limp when confronted by a woman of obvious power and what do they do about it? Call them witches, burn them, torture them, until every woman is afraid. Afraid of herself... afraid of men... and all for what? Fear of losing their hard-on.
-- Daryl Van Horne


Ain't it the truth. 

(And a big shout out to the Pope!)

I'd qualify it by calling it the truth in places and not universally.  I've seen too often the kind of patriarchal entitlement mindset a lot of men have and it has made me embarrassed to be a man more than once for the behavior of others who shared my sex.  Sure, I've had my share of screw-ups; everyone has 'em, male and female.  I'd like to think, though, that I spend more time NOT being a dick than being a dick.

One hopes, anyway...




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