Is this an example of the "sins of the fathers" (or in this case, mothers) being visited upon the children? A preschooler at Boulder Colorado's Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School was denied re-enrollment after the Denver Archdiocese discovered the child was living with same-sex parents.
According to Denver TV's 9NEWS, staffers were informed of the decision in a meeting at the school on Tuesday. They were also told not to talk to the media about it.

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Oh no. The kid might catch the "gay virus" and pass it onto other preschoolers thus turning them into mini Satan-worshippers. I would think that they would want to have this kid at the school so they could tell him that homosexuality is against God's maniacal plan. Then again, there might be a silver lining in this situation if the kid's parents send him to a less whacky school.

What wold happen if a school wouldn't allow the child of straight parents to enroll because of his parents' heterosexual relationship?
The shit would hit the fan.

Why are they allowed to get away with this crap?
A school just for children of nontraditional families sounds like a great idea to me. Single parents, remarried parents, gay parents, etc.

They're able to get away with this crap because they have the power of being the "majority." And because they know how to play the loopholes in freedom of religion.
They rather fondle the kids than have two completely sane gay parents raise a child.
Not so sacred aye? What's up with the sacred isolationism? What's up with the...
ah nevermind, the Vaticant is vacant due to hoarding their nazi gold..
nothing new. Behold the old, killing the new...
Am I the only person who thinks this is actually a good thing? :)
Who would want to enter their child in to a Cat-licker school anyway? The Cat licks are just another cult like the Morons or Mormons anyway. Its sort of like entering their child in to a Taliban school or Bin Ladin's private school as the Cat lickers are domestic terrorist anyway and fair game since we are at war on terrorist. And have you ever noticed the Cat licker's women priests dress up in witches' clothing the year around even daring to walk the streets amongst ordinary people or their priests dress all in black as wizards and warlocks from a halloween party? Now tell me, does this seem like rational behavior by civilized people or deranged individuals having just escaped the nut farm? These strange cults with their stranger rituals right out of a Harry Potter movie is enough to blow your mind and send you whirling confused out of your head as if you've asleep having a nightmare you can not escape from nor wake up from because you've in a coma. To be brain washed from this idiotic nonsense and then trying to put your child in to the clutches of these madmen and insane women is a travesty forced upon the poor innocent child. Oh Dog forbid!
Don't compare the awesome world of Harry Potter to the disturbed realities. D;
Quote: Reply by Jennifer Anker 10 hours ago
Don't compare the awesome world of Harry Potter to the disturbed realities. D;

Rowlings I understand is actually a Xian herself. But I had to compare these cat lickers to something or some one and my first thought was the Harry Potter movies I've seen on TV.
Anyone that believes myths are reality and reality is is myths have their brains wired backward. It seems their are more insane people running the planet Earth than the people whose brain is wired the right way and these nutty cat lickers have their own little nation called Vatican City and are members of the UN. Now that is like a bunch of escaped lunatics from an insane asylum setting up their very own nation and joining the UN. With nut cases like this running things it is no small wonder why half the world's leaders think like cave men and act like monkeys and why we've not had a cure of so many diseases and why we have so many starving and homeless children or famines or wars and crime. Paradise on earth would be no religions with atheist running everything, but that too is a pipe dream.
I honestly doubt the majority of leaders are actually highly religious. Instead, they are psychopaths feeding on the power of religion to benefit themselves at the expense of the masses. This is why we get so much hypocritical behavior from them.
That is hypocrisy on the Catholic school's part. It also contradicts the Catholic Church's belief of accepting others for who they are and how their God "made" everybody different. That is actually another issue I had with my former religion. Most importantly, that act is the ultimate form of discrimination; I feel sorry that the child had to witness that. I feel bad for people in Catholic schools in general because they are being brainwashed by a bunch of hypocrites with much nonsense.




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