Hi, my name is Kathleen and I'm from southern CA. I'm turning 18 in a couple of weeks and I've been a skeptic from a very young age despite having gone to Catholic schools nearly all my life, indoctrinating children in the faith. I went on to be a self-professed atheist when I turned 13, proving that children can indeed make their own choices as far as what to believe goes. My family isn't really religious and we only go to church twice a year but it still makes me extremely uncomfortable going and continued Catholic indoctrination in high school made me more bitter towards religion. But my family still doesn't know I'm atheist, just irreligious, and I'm too scared to tell them because I don't know how they'd take the news (they're not churchgoing fundamentalists but they're attached to Catholicism if that makes any sense...) And I can't really talk about religion to my friends, so I joined this forum and I hope to have some good times here as well as support from fellow nontheists.

I guess that's all for now....I hope to meet some nice people here, so ciao for now :)

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I went to an Irish catholic college, and was raised byzantine orthodox. I've been there. I didn't announce my atheism to my family until I was out of college and living on my own. There are still occasional jabs from them now and then, but for the most part they've come to accept it and we get on just fine. Just once you do tell them avoid making a big thing of it at thanksgiving. ;)

They're also partial Catholics (Christmas and Easter), so for what it's worth my experience has been that blood is thicker than wine.
Yeah, I wouldn't expect them to disown me but it would cause tension in our family that I really don't want to provoke now. That being said, my mom wants to bring us to mass twice for "luck for the school year". :/ How superstitious...

Glad to know there's already someone here who has similar experiences to me! :)




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