Looking at school for our 2 boys and one of the better schools in the area is a catholic school.


Conrned that if I chose to send them to these schools it woudl be a conflicting message.

"listen to your teachers...but ya that religious guy...be a bit skeptical..."


Anyone gone through this?

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My sister-in-law just graduated from a Catholic school. Luckily, they teach evolution. But, they are a bit behind in academics and updated computers since they dont get funding from the city. It seems like a great idea besides the religious aspect because you are sending your boys to a school where other parents seem to care about their kid's education. This might be more important than anything. It's o.k to not believe in everything and supplement as needed outside of school. Good luck with your decison.
If the school really is better than others, send them.  I have a co-worker who is sending his kids to Catholic school.  He grew up Muslim but is now an Atheist.  He is open with his kids about his opinions and discusses the subject matter with them critically. 

Lots of seculars send their kids to parochial schools.  The kids just need the normal warnings:  if it talks of "god"™, it is lying.

Might I ask how you learned that the catholic school is better than the public school?



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