Here's what Pope Francisco has to say about women (NB The Australian prime minister is a good atheist): 

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Well, I see that Francis the Talking Mule is making an ass of himself right out of the gate.  Maybe just as well that Hillary Clinton is taking a well-deserved rest from her Secretary of State duties.  Still, it makes me wonder about any dealings Jorge will have with Angela Merkel or the above-noted Julia Gillard, never mind other female officials from other nations.

You'd think for once we could get someone who could pull his sorry ass into the 21st century, wouldn't you?

Unfortunately he will have to hurry up if he wants to speak to Julia Gillard. Election in September and things aren't looking good for her.

Worse still her replacement is likely to be Tony Abbot, ex-seminarian and someone who counts Cardinal George Pell as a mentor..


I hope she wins in September. What has the electorate got against her ? The country is doing well, isn't it ?

Well what the f do we expect in a pope, a flaming liberal? He meets all the usual requirements of the office, including adherence to a platform very much like that of the Tea Party.

The cardinals were way ahead of Karl Rove in terms of strategy, though, choosing "a gentle, humble lover of the poor." They're a clever bunch compared with the Republican leadership.


According to

It was mentioned by one anonymous poster from an Argentenian IPS made to, but there is no source for it other than that, and despite no other source, it was memed from a Mexican Athiest organization and has spread.

"A thorough Google search shows that before March 13, 2013, there was no other trace of such a statement on the Internet, except in the Yahoo Answers forum."
-- From the report

Fine and good ... but since when is a Google search so complete and exhaustive as to warrant no further inquiry?  If Jorge Bergoglio is treated as guilty until proven innocent, maybe it's because the organization he is associated with is notorious in its own right for misogyny and a systematic treatment of women as second-class humans.  Francis himself is already on record elsewhere as being against the ordination of women and birth control, two critical issues for women, and in perfect lockstep with his patriarchal boys' club.

It may be that the above quote is a fabrication, but the general attitude of the RC church toward women IS NOT ... and it is far past time they were called on it.

It'll be cool when the Pope goes to Vegas and gets on the David Letterman show

No doubt that catholic organizational practices, which result from catholic dogma, are mysogenic. I'm very uncomfortable responding to the OP though. It seems hypocritical to be drawn into a shooting match with xtians, using the same tactics we atheists deplore when they are used on us.

It just happens I'm in the middle of a personal battle with a family member who has re-posted bogus quotes on facebook. Those quotes, though regarding an unrelated issue irritate me as time must be expended dealing with idiots willing to do or say anything to further their goals. Unfortunately, when called out on it, my close family member has pleaded innocence, claiming they only liked the ideas contained in the quote. Good grief, if this isn't bubbleheaded thinking. That the quote itself is bogus doesn't bother you? It was only attributed to that person to give it some semblance of respectability. Arrggghhhhh!!!!!

Rant OFF//

It's time to take the high road here and only respond when quotes can be confirmed. Though it wasn't apparent at first, this quote does not pass that test so it's time to abandon the thread until such time as it regains credibility.

Comments regarding confirmed catholic mysogeny are fair game though.

Greg, It's a judgment call; responding to an attack dignifies it, or says it merits your time.

Is the pope/RC Church misogynist?

Is water (of the H2O variety) wet?

It doesn't matter if Francis said the above statement or not, he is a misogynist because his holy book gives him permission to be one along with all his Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests and many of the men who belong to the Catholic Church.

Yes, business as usual for them. The Catholic Church is very misogynistic.




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