This is doubly funny to me, as I live with an engineer and cats.

Addendum: 2010-02-14

This category is for videos of cats..

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Our youngest found a bag of Medjool dates on the counter one day when she was still a kitten. She growled quite a bit at us as we tried to take it away from her. It finally took one human holding, and the other putting thumbs in at the corner of her mouth. She must have the bite pressure of an alligator.
It's actually surprising how strong their little jaws are. I found that out when I had to give him a pill before taking him on the plane. Phew. What a battle that was.
It's one of my favorites. Always gives me a good chuckle. :-)

A Portrait of A Friend (Luna) from Kole Reverie on Vimeo.

Above video created by our very own member, K. Reverie.
Moscow Cat Theatre

Can't embed video.

I'd heard about the Moscow Cat Theatre a few years ago, and was thrilled when a link came up in "Ads by Google". So, I clicked on it. Highly recommended!
Kristi, you made my day! I'll be forwarding this to all the cat lovers I know. I remember seeing Nora when she first made it to YouTube. It's great that Mindaugas Piečaitis put this together.
THAT was just plain WONDERFUL!
An oldie, but a goodie (in cyberyears):

Well, this may be a cartoon cat, but I love Simon's cat...and this is the newest one!




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