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This is taking lolcat-speak into a whole 'nother plane!

[I think the plane is a Piper Cherokee, but I'm not certain!]
Wow, it's out already? That was quick.
It's been out for a while. They were still working on the last chapters when I first found it. >.> It's fun to read out loud, but hurts my mouth after a while. Apparently, when I read it aloud, I put on a Jamaican accent, which I can't do anywhere else. XD
I thought about helping translate when I found out about it early on, but got sidetracked. I have no sense of time.

So... who gets the money from it? I'll have to check into that.
My head... it hurts...

How are you supposed to read this!?
Want me to read it to you? =D
O c'mon Jennifer, can't you say, "Wan mee 2 reedit 2 yu"?!!
My lolcatz univerziti, let me show you it.

I haz diplomaz
... too much... my head iz guna esplode!

Nooooooez! Luks wat uz did!
Basement cat can haz nu minyunz.
I'll read it, but I won't type it. My brain can't handle that much abuse.




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