Join the celebration of Facepalm Sunday!


Today, which just "coincidentally" happens to fall on the Christian holiday Palm Sunday, is a time to point out all the really embarrassing things in the Bible or other Christian texts that would make Jesus, if he were alive today (and he's not), do a Holy Facepalm.


The Bible is full of them, do you have any favorites?




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As a house rabbit keeper,yeah I have one. The bible says rabbits chew the cud. *rolls eyes*

There is a hilarious apologetic to this that says that when rabbits eat, they release a special droppings that are re-eaten and this amounts to "chewing the cud".  lol

Yeah, you would think that the God that allegedly created rabbits would know a little more about them than you do, Goz! :-)


FreeThinker, I followed your link and then looked up more on how rabbits eat, since I've never had one and was curious. It sounds like the apologetics site is pretty much right about what rabbits do (maybe Goz or someone else can correct if it's wrong), but that has nothing to do with chewing the cud.


The site claims that "God, through Moses, was giving instructions that any Israelite could follow." Well if only God had known that the Bible would be read by people who actually could tell the difference, he might have worded it differently (aka correctly).


Or better yet, God with his infinite wisdom could have taken a little time to actually teach his chosen people something instead of commanding them to chase around the desert committing mass slaughters and raping the women and girls of the people they defeated. But I guess teaching wouldn't have been as much fun for God, we know his Son definitely wasn't a good teacher (as Julia Sweeney points out: even his "staff" didn't understand his parables!).



While the bible is simply filled with things which people should be massively ashamed of, I find that generally theists don't. Nd this precisely is the problem. Because they are trained to not doubt and instead, to be certain that god is on their side, that they don't have the shame that they ought to have is precisely the problem.




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