Once in a while it's fun to look at some of the kookier religious websites to see what fantasies are current. Rapture Letters, a site that allowed you to post a message to those left behind after you were raptured, has shut down just a week ago, but it was a great source of fun while it lasted.

Here is a site that shows what kind of a mansion you can expect to inhabit in heaven depending on the degree of your faithfulness.


None of the places pictured are particularly attractive and there are no details  included of square footage or what kind of counter tops the kitchen has.

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Postscript. The site also has a Rapture Index that keeps you informed about how close the rapture is:


As of today we have an index of 187, which means the end is nigh.

The end has been nigh every year for nearly 2000 years now.

You got that right Spud.

I agree.  There are a couple that are interesting, but I'd want to see the home theatre for one thing.

Better make sure there isn't a lease or "homeowner's association" or covenant deed or some such crap interfering with who you could bring home to spend the night! :-)

Another deal-breaker would be filtered censored internet of the sort some fundies would like to see more of in real life.

That first mansion kinda looks like the main building of the college I went to.

The Super Saint Mansion: This is the home of those rare folks who totally commit themselves to the task of advancing the Kingdom of God.

Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois

I hope I don't have to spend eternity back in college!

That's the mansion I thought had the most interesting architecture, except for those stupid crosses.

Seems like the 'God Fearers', the 'Widow Mites' and the 'Super Saints' are some greedy assholes. You already made it to magic fairy land. You've still got to have gated communities? Guess you got to keep the 'Pew Warmers' and the 'Struggling Believers' on their side of the RR tracks.

Gated communities.  LOL    Pearly-gated, I'm sure. 

Pearly for the upper class of heaven. Mother of Pearl for the 'Pew Warmers.'

I heard there's an atheist site selling petsitting services for after the Rapture. 

You mean Fido won't get raptured along with his loving family?




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