Cenk and the Young Turks Slam Dana Perino, Fox Noise (Warning: X-Rated Language)

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The fact is that Faux Noise doesn't want to hear any opinion other than their own.  I doubt that they're ignorant of the First Amendment or Paragraph 3 of Article VI of the Constitution; they just sweep them under the rug, as though they don't exist.

The fact that Faux Noise viewers were polled and found to be the poorest informed among those who watch TV news speaks volumes here.

And yet, if you go to a doctor's waiting room (e.g. my oncologist, Repub), auto repair shop, &c., they usually have Fox on the TV. Imagine the boredom and potential anger of sitting there for fifteen, thirty, forty-five minutes listening to that obvious nonsense, fallacious argumentation, opinion reported as "news," and propaganda for the tea party wing of the GOP!  Part of the attraction, I have to suspect, is that women like Dana Perino have rather "classic" good looks: I mean, either Ailes or Murdoch or both really have a thing for blue eyed-blondes: they host the programs all day long (whereas MSNBC has women of color; the aging Andrea Mitchell, &c.).  Perino, you'll recall, did a stint as the press secretary for the dumbest, possibly worst president we ever had.  And I contend she, herself, is as dumb as a post.

But, hey, Ailes and Murdoch are not fools.  I can hear them discussing their hiring policies, with Murdoct suggesting that since his Brit tabloid success was based in part on page 3's photos of scantily-clad sexy "girls," it surely would work on TV, and Ailes responding, "Yeah, and if the left attacks us for putting them on as hosts, we can respond by saying our critics are misogynists."  Gretchen Carlson, from her Wiki bio, appears to be an intelligent person, but she has a really crippled "soul." while Megyn Kelly is just plain moronic.  I do not have to tell you how awful Laura Ingraham is, cutting her guests off mid-sentence and railing at them if she disagrees, always going on camera with a prominently displayed gold cross around her neck. 

But why all the blue-eyed blondes? Could it possibly be that the management knows this type appeals to the tea party base?  I conclude as much.

I could make a different assessment of the blue-eyed blonde phenomenon ... but I don't want to be accused of invoking Godwin's Law!  [chuckle!]

When Obama won re-election Fox News appeared so befudled that they didn't even understand what had happened. I thought that was funny.

They were worse than befuddled; they were DUMBSTRUCK.  They believed every last bit of BS they had told themselves about the election because they wanted the self-fulfilling prophecy.  When it didn't happen, they were left with nothing to question other than themselves, and questioning themselves had become a de-facto no-no.

I'm not convinced that, to this day, they've come to terms with their own self-delusion.

If they had accepted defeat with any grace, they would not have enmeshed themselves with the Orly Taitz birther idea and set about the be the obstructionists they are.  Dems did not do that with GWB. It is racism.  Obama is hardly a socialist as they claim.  He is not progressive enough for me.  And I abhor his closing speeches with the customary, "God bless you, and God bless these United States."  As the late George Carlin asked, what makes these people believe God would bless the U.S.A. over any other nation.  Makes you wonder if Puto isn't right when he questions American "exceptionalism."  He means tea party exceptionalism.  We are exceptional because we are not supposed to exalt any one religious dogma over any other, and that is something Puto knows nothing about.  In Russia, they hate Jews, and if they are so tolerant, why did they make war on Muslims in Chechnya?

I won't soon forget the election night pundit panel on Fox reacting with jaw-dropping disbelief as Karl Rove went into deep denial, claiming that not all the conservative precincts were in.  Even Megyn Kelly challenged Rove on his denial....

You think that is bad, booklover: My dermatologist (skin cancer due to sunburns as child catching up with me) actually plays Joel Osteen services while he is cutting cancers off my body.  I want to scream, "Take that shit off, turn on some music, anything but that yokel with a Buy Bull," but I cannot, as he is the only dermatologist in town on my health care plan.

I wouldn't want to piss off my dentist.  Maybe I would just ask for it to be turned off.  I had a dentist who put headphones on me and let me listen to my i-pod.  That was nice.

Cenk is my next new boyfriend.  Well, he would be if I wasn't married.  And if he was gay.  Well, that's if Vin Diesel doesn't answer my prayers.  But Cenk is definitely up there.




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