As you all know, social media is censored and that's bad. How it is censored is even worse because it is censored anonymously through mob rule. 

There is only a couple of things that IMO should be censored. Those would be lies and obvious death threats. However, lies are allowed to thrive on Youtube but the trash running Youtube remove accounts for F-Bombs. 

Since lying and deception is allowed on Youtube and since Youtube reacts when there are enough complaints by the easily butt hurt, we should go to Youtube and flag the videos of assholes. 

The censors at Youtube have screwed with atheists Dusty Smith of the Cult of Dusty and the TJ Kirk the Amazing Atheist. They have also screwed with Tommy Sotomayor who is an asshole and a racist but not really a liar. He just spews out fact free statements but to even the playing field bigots should be targeted. 

Let's target a channel of some lowlife youtube propagandist.

Don't place a live link here. Simply put paste in the URL with the word dot .com 

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I think hate speech and promotion of hate crimes should be censored. Verbal violence has no place here, for example. I used to be a member of the MySpace Atheist group, years ago, and one guy said I should be raped with a branch so I could never reproduce. When I complained that I hadn't said anything to deserve such treatment, his friends in the group defended his behavior as forgiveable since he'd had a hard life. They had his back. Perhaps you've never been harassed online, and don't realize how harmful trolling is, especially when it's endorsed or ignored by moderators. Brother Richard's standards for mutual respect have my full support.

Just your framing victims as the "easily butt hurt", gives me a sense that you're more interested in the politics of online conflict than in treating other readers with due respect.




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