Charity for a fellow atheist that faces persecution because of her lack of faith...

Hello all...

I can see no better place to post this as it has everything to do with Ethics and Morals...... 

I ran across a post today by a very nice young lady who is facing a tough time financially and has been shunned by her parents and in laws and posted seeking advice and comfort from the only community she has to turn to and/ or express herself comfortably..... Her post is as follows....

“My husband and I have been atheists for almost a decade now. We have two little girls and currently another on the way. We both work full time, pay our bills, are responsible adults. We go to all of our family get togethers (his parents and my parents), and everyone is aware that we are atheists....and it has never been an issue, never seemed to matter. Until now.

I suffered some complications from my pregnancy and was out of work for two weeks, which was pretty debilitating to our finances. So, we turned to our parents to borrow some money until next pay day for groceries. His mother, after waiting a while, responded with the rebuttal that if we would pray and ask god for forgiveness then he would more than likely bless us with everything we needed. I tried to remain calm and explain that I was asking her to ‘bless us’, and not even that, just loan us a bit of money till next pay day, we’ve never asked before.... even helped fund her road trip to Kentucky to see her other grandchildren a few years ago. The answer was still a repent or NO.

So I turned to my parents and was met with basically the same thing.... keep in mind, my christian pill addicted brother constantly gets money from them, that is never repaid... but he’s a christian so they can keep funding his habit, but not help their daughter’s family eat for two weeks.

I can’t say I’m not ridiculously angry, because I am... and hurt. Hurt mostly because of their illogical way of dealing with things... hurt because we have always been self sufficient and they speak love and kindness but won’t help their pregnant daughter and her family in her time of need. If we make it to next pay day we will be fine...I only asked for 200 dollars from them, because we know how to be thrifty... We don’t qualify for any assistance and yesterday I went to three food banks (which are churches, I didn’t want to, but I’m running out of options) and was turned away because we work- or make to much, they require you bring your pay stubs- with no never mind to the fact we have bills to make sure get paid, we even put some off until next pay day so we would have SOMETHING to buy a tiny bit of food with.Today I ended up setting up a account to try to raise a bit for some groceries... which was way embarrassing... I don’t like asking for help as we have always found a way to be self sufficient.

I’m sort of still in shock that our families won’t help us simply because we won’t bow to some unseen deity that makes no sense. Just because of that. Not because of something we did, but because of something we refuse to believe. I almost can’t wrap my mind around it."

The way I see it, I can think of no better way to show her and her prejudiced parents what charity is than by this community to step in and donate to help her and her family. She is only trying to raise $100.00, which isn’t very much for four people, but in my opinion, that shows that she really is just trying to make it to next payday. If all of us just gave a few dollars here and there, she could reach her meager goal in no time. Here is the link to her gofundme account if you find yourself in a position to give.

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A much as I sympathize with hunger, I must ask a basic question. Is this for real? How do you know this is not just another Nigerian scam? 

I would be happy to donate. But I would have to do it in a proper way. I am willing to give $200.00 to the parents with the proviso they hand it over to their children, and tell them it came from an atheist. If they kept it, I would be happy to sue them. There has to be more to this than simple help. It has to have a political and psychological impact on the religious jerks.



Very reasonable.

Is there an atheist/non-theist charity?

I have looked for one to join, or to help, but am not aware of one.  I don't mean just to give to atheists, but I won't give to churches, or to the Salvation Army, even though I want to help people.  We give only to individuals who we know need help, but would love to help tragedy victims, or unknown victims like this one.




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