Charter school paid for by tax money is blatantly breaking establishment clause - What can I do?

This charter "school" paid for by my tax dollars is blatantly breaking the establishment clause.

They charge no tuition.

It's called Truth Campus in Royse City, TX.
The logo (below) is clearly christian
They hold chapel
their youtube vid clearly says "christian atmosphere" in their video tags

They're not even trying to be clever


What can I do to fix this situation?

Should I do a gotcha video? I'm broke so paying an attorney is out of the question. Is there anybody who would help volunteer time?

Any other suggestions?

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More screenshots

I found another shekinah radiance academy school

it's rated 3 out of 10 on that site, when compared to state testing scores
You can notify the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  They have attorneys that send letters and file suit if necessary.
Or American's United for the Separation of Church and State.

Here's the link to the FFRF - Freedom from Religion Foundation. I would contact them. Their lawyers will help you out.

It wasn't deliberate.  It wasn't like they were saying 'nanny-nanny-boo-boo, we are using taxpayer funds to teach religion to public school kids'.  It was an accident.  The principal of the school held a meeting recently, where he sincerely apologized for not understanding the laws fully.  We (the parents of students at this school) believe it was an honest mistake.  We hold the charter school company (Shekinah Radiance Academy) responsible.  They have been in the charter school business for 15 yrs or so, & we are questioning how they allowed the chapels to occur, for 2 full yrs, against the law.  Where were they?  Who, in their organization is responsible for overseeing the setting up of new charter schools w/in their district, & ensuring that it is running in full compliance w/all laws.  Gross neglect on their part, I feel.  The Royse City campus has made some major changes recently, to make sure they are in compliance w/all laws.  Thank u for bringing this to all of our attention, as we the parents, trusted that Shekinah knew what they were doing, when they opened this new campus here.  They obviously don't have a clue.

You may want to contact the ACLU. Tell them the problem with the school and see if they can help.

Someone has already filed a complaint w/the Americans United for Separation of church & state.  TEA is currently investigating the situation, causing a huge fuss on the campus.  Shekinah Radiance Academy sent one of their corporate office employees, to take videos of children during the classroom, in order to show that some portion(s) of the complaint are not true.  Shekinah did not notify any parents before taking videos of the students, nor did they even ck WHICH kids they were allowed to video (some parents had checked 'no' on their child's paperwork filed for the school, when it asked if Shekinah had permission to photograph their child).  Shekinah employees are idiots (besides the teachers on this particular campus).  No further actions/complaints are necessary at this time.  Thk u.




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