Am I missing something?  Most Chat Rooms I've visited show everyone currently in that room; you can watch them as they come into the room and when they leave it.  

This Chat Room does not show who is in the room at any given time.  It only shows the "Members Online"; is this not true or am I not using the site as I should be?  Any suggestions?  Thanks all.

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As I understand it, the "Members Online" are the people connected to chat, who are therefore in the room. It doesn't show everyone signed in to the website.

Thanks GC, that makes sense (sorta).  Sorry I posted that question TWICE.  I thought it didn't go through the first time.  My first time to post anything. 

I've never figured out how to use this chat room. I'm not much of a chatter anyway. More of a comment or email person.

I'm answering this post right now and am shown as a member online but I am not in the chat room.




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