Hello AN,

This is my first exposure to anything atheist! I'm optimistic and excited about meeting good people and forging new friendships.

I consider myself Agnostic, chiefly because a lack of evidence for something doesn't disprove it, IMO.

My life story in paragraph form goes like this: I was born to Ukrainian immigrant parents in Washington DC, 29 years ago. I joined the Navy when I was 19 and served aboard an aircraft carrier near Tokyo, Japan. Today I live in a student co-op and I'm in school to become a Registered Nurse. It's a wonderful life :)

It's a pleasure to be here, and hope to connect with some of you soon!

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It's nice to be here.
You can look around.
Many 'nonbelievers' consider atheism and agnosticism to be separate topics. theism concerns with what you believe, and gnosticism with whether you know. So you may be an agnostic atheist, don't believe but don't know, which is the most usual stance around here probably, but there are agnostic theists who believe they can't know but 'have faith' anyway; gnostic atheists who believe the evidence is sufficient to declare God nonexistent, and of course the typical gnostic theist who believes and thinks evidence is everywhere.




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