Since, and I'm sure you'll all agree, no one is born with a belief in gods. so, instead of "losing our faith", "moving away from the church", and all that other rubbish, we atheists should just say that we've reverted back to our natural state! Just thought I'd share this little piece of happiness with the world

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Considering that we are ALL born atheist ... I'd say that computes!

I got it.

When you say you "lost your faith" all the religionists will try anything to help you get it back. They don't understand what you meant.

Here's one to try on them. "I found Jesus. He was hiding behind the couch the entire time!"

Makes sense!

Richard Dawkins famously called for referring to children not as "Islamic children" or "Catholic children" or "Christian children", etc. -- "You would never speak of a Tory child or a New Labour child" -- but as "children of Islamic parents", "children of Christian parents", etc.

This might have a backfire effect. After all, who here isn't infinitely more enlightened now than they were at birth? Saying you're going back to a mindset you had at birth may not imply positive aspects.

If it's a snide and/or sarcastic theist trying to look down his/her nose, my usual response is, "I grew up."

Aaron, great way to speak truth!  Thanks for telling it.  :-)




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