All this talk about religion, politics, racism, sexism, etc. is getting a bit stale. One in seven people on the planet will watch this game live or taped. Does the A/N population number many football fans?
Lets go Blues.

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The only 'Blues' I know of are in Auckland. Unfortunately, that's about 20,000 kms away from where I live.
Round-ball. The only thing dumber and more boring than basketball. Unless you enjoy watching people falling over for no reason whatsoever and crying like babies to get the referees attention.
Round-ball. The only thing dumber and more boring than basketball.

I'd rank golf as the dumbest of all round-ball sports, by a league or two.
Football? Oh, you mean soccer. :D

Gotta love America's superiority complex (and I'm an American).
Gotta love the fact that every single thread on this website needs to have an anti-US's so fashionable.
Soccer (or football or futbol and its cousin futsal) is the only sport that I go out of my way to watch. But I don't watch as much as I could because I spend a lot of time on the field refereeing the game or teaching new referees over the winter. Reffed 3 adult coed games Fri night, 2 youth games Sat and have 2 more in an hour or so. Because I'm in Chicago, I tend to root for the Fire (like when they won last night to move on to the Eastern Conference Finals) but am not otherwise a big 'fan'. I enjoy watching well played games. Some players are a joy to watch. And I watch the referees -- especially since I now know some of the ones who work at the MLS and (maybe) World Cup levels. Both kids played and reffed, wife has coached. Just a normal soccer family.

But both kids also did baseball -- talk about Boooorrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnngggggg!
Well Glenn, it was a a rather nice comeback performance by Chicago after the first leg. With Columbus being knocked out in a shocker, I have to say that it's a two horse race between Chicago and the LA Galaxy. The "super-classico" this evening between LA and Chivas USA should be pretty awesome.
Let's see, we had 4 commenters on a thread asking if anybody was watching a particular sporting event. I also asked if there were football fans here on A/N.

What I got was 3 of the four making shitty remarks about the game, about some other game, or about the US. And you folks wonder why the world thinks atheists are just people who want to bash everything?

It's rather fucking nauseating.
Hey, I could actually like soccer. If it was played by sportsmen. Unfortunately it's not - its the ham acting and the tantrums and the shirt-lifting baboonisms that make me want to do the Elvis to my teevee. None if it is even remotely sportsman-like.
Thanks for the oh-so-pleasant post about somebody else's recreation and enjoyment. I'm sure you feel better for it.
Cool, Adriana. It is a challenge to blend the two terms between American and British English. There are, of course, concrete historical reasons why football is called soccer in the US. I get to pick my spots on when I call it footie and when I call it soccer.

In any case, there was good football/soccer today with Chelsea defeating ManU 1-0 and the LA Galaxy winning their playoff series vs. Chivas USA 3-2 (Beckham and Landon Donovan continue in the playoffs). I have had a great Sunday full of food, booze, and recreation.
Uruguay finds itself in the World Cup qualifier two-leg playoff for the third time in a row. They have finished 5th in CONMEBOL and thus play Costa Rica on 11/14 and 11/18 for the last ticket to South Africa.

Good luck and I will be pulling for your gang!




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