What nerve~!  After having last year compared gay people to the ku klux klan,

this year he does it again!  now that gay marriage is likely to be approved in Illinois, he wants to play politics even as he dodges his taxes by writing a lil letter calling gay marriage unnatural.


let's put aside the fact that his church has spent 2 billion dollars covering up the crimes of his predator priests and these people have headed an international criminal conspiracy to cover up child molestation over generations ...

isn't morality itself unnatural?  it's meant to tame our natural aggression.  Nature is completely amoral: there's cannibalism in nature, some species of birds sacrifice one chick if that increases the chances of survival of the stronger chick.  And dogs, dolphins, octopi, apes, almost all mammals engage in homosexuality.  what does he mean by unnatural, and in what way would that be relevant to ethical questions?  his doctrine is so unsophisticated, feudal, archaic, bigoted and stupid, and his church so lacking in credibility that it's embarrassing that this type of nonsense is still coming out of his mouth and that he even thinks he has the moral authority to utter this.

sorry for ranting ... phew! i wonder if there's a way to effectively boycott the catholic church?

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Hadn't heard that Illinois was in the queue to legalize gay marriage, but glad to hear it and to vote in the poll.  "About time," indeed!

Thanks for this info.  I voted yes, of course.

When I voted, it was at about 92% yes. Hope mine moved it closer to 93%.




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