Are there any more of us in the Chico/Paradise/Oroville CA area that would like to start a Skeptics in the Pub...or similar?

Let me know, I am feeling rather alone :-)

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Sara, you might get more traffic to your post if you moved it to the "Water Cooler" category, and/or "Atheism". I'd suggest also joining some of the California groups and posting your question there. There's also a CA group on the second page of that search.
Thanks! I took your suggestion! Im also going to check out the CA group.
You're welcome! I hope this nets you some local contacts.
I'm in Chico and I'd love to find others interested in starting an atheist/free thinker group of some sort. There are two other Chico folks listed in the California Atheist group. Maybe we can contact them and try to arrange a meeting. Do you know if there is a student atheist group at Chico State?
I dont think there is a atheist/skeptic group at Chico State. But I bet we can get something started. Il get back to you monday morning, hopefully with an idea. :-)
Great! I bet there are other Chico atheist/free thinkers among friends on various social networking sites.
I'm so busy these days, but will try to organize something after Burning Man.
I'm here too! Gimmie a shout if y'all are doing anything in Chico!
I will pm all Chico peeps on A|N after Burning Man (week after labor day) to organize a get together at one of the downtown watering holes. La Salle's would be nice, but it should be somewhere where you can carry on a conversation too ;-) Got a facebook page up and running, will have a meeting within the next two weeks. Yay! Come join! :-)
Thanks Sara! :-)
ask the people that have weed cards, you're in Cali right?




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