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For some reason Catholics seem to think torturing children is A-OK. (I don't know how children got lumped in with heretics, blasphemers, scientists, witches and other "sinners.")

I don't know why there are still catholics......

Largely, in Oscar's words, the lethargy of custom. Also, aggressive marketing.

I guess.

As for myself, I couldn't wait to quit moronism, & told mother I was done by time I was 17.

After 8th grade I refused to go to a Catholic high school.

Very smart.

It took me longer to get up the nerve to defy mother. I was not much of a rebellious kid.

... My mother was asked by the church to not bring me back....

Didn't like skeptic kids huh?

Mother spanked me in the church basement for some damn infraction or other. Can't remember what it was but I do remember the spanking. I think I was 7.

I am not sure if I was a skeptic but the church and mother was extremely cold to me because I didn't pay attention during class times and church service.

Oooohhhhh, just terrible!

It wasn't a  big deal; neither parent took religion seriously.

You were lucky there then.

Mother & all her family were morons, but father was none until he was baptized when I was 16. He just went along with mother on everything as he was the child in the house.




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