Child sex abuse by Protestant clergy in the United States

Child sex abuse by Protestant clergy difficult to document

Large number of denominations, nature of hierarchy make task elusive

Three reports relate to complaints of child sex abuse by Protestant clergy in the United States were released by three insurance companies to The Associated Press. Because church administrations and the members tend to hide child abuse by clergy, it is difficult to find accurate information. One way to find evidence of this crime is through insurance claims paid. 

* Protestant clients: 96,000

* Top churches insured: 

United Methodist -- 10,000 churches; 

Southern Baptist -- 9,600; 

Assemblies of God -- 4,000; 

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America -- 3,300

* Complaints: average of 100 each year for the past decade

* Claims paid: declined to release because company deems figure proprietary information

* Protestant clients: 45,000

* Top churches insured: 

Baptist -- 10,922 churches;

Presbyterian --2,812; 

Lutheran -- 2,665; 

United Methodist -- 1,742

* Complaints: average of 160 each year for the past two decades

* Claims paid: about $4 million each year for the past five years for child sex abuse and sexual misconduct settlements, excluding attorney fees

* Protestant clients: 30,000

* Top churches insured: 

Southern Baptists -- 4,000 churches; 

Assemblies of God -- 2,300; 

United Methodist and Baptist -- 2,000 each

* Complaints: average of 73 of both child sex abuse and other sexual misconduct each year for the past 15 years.

* Claims paid: about $7.8 million for sexual misconduct and child sex abuse in the past 15 years.

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