China pledges US$122 billion for China to UK Silk Road Rail Route

“The ancient silk routes thrived in times of peace but lost vigor in times of war, and we should foster a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation, and we should forge partnerships of dialogue with no confrontation and of friendship rather than alliance."

”China pledges US$122 billion for China to UK Silk Road Rail Route,...

"Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged an extra $122bn for international infrastructure schemes as part of China’s grand “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) initiative as leaders and top officials from around the world gathered in Beijing for a summit on the plan."

In the 1980s I wandered all over Europe, E. Europe, Asia, Indonesia, Mexico, and Central America, sometimes alone, sometimes with a travel companion, and twice on tours which were educational.
I would not make the same trips today, too much risk, too many angry people, too many people have good reason to hate the USA. All it takes is one person, frustrated with politics or religion to strap a bomb on him or herself, find a crowd and set off the explosive.
I hope the time comes soon when we can travel back and forth into and among people of all nations.

Civilization "thrived in times of peace."

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All it takes is one person, frustrated with....

Joan, there are many more than one such person, and you will still more likely die of age-related causes than meet her. ;-))

I would like to take that train ride, though,

Yes, I would too, twenty years ago. I am happy and content deep in the forest at my age. 




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