BAY MINETTE, Alabama — A new alternative sentencing program offering first-time, nonviolent offenders a choice of a year of church attendance or jail time and fines is drawing fire from the American Civil Liberties Union as well as national attention, officials said Friday.

Outrageous and unconstitutional as this certainly is – it is, until overturned, the law in Bay Minette. Soooo, as a discussion point, what would you do if found guilty of some grievous transgression of one of the town's ordinances and sentenced to 6 months in jail or a year attendance at the church of your “choice”​?
My choice ? As I have zero interest in jail (a funny quirk of mine) I would select the most right wing, off the wall church I could find and become the most obnoxious, argumentative asshole that ever darken their doors – and wait for the ACLU to get this bullshit off the books.

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Un-fucking-believable. These people will stop at nothing to indoctrinate other people.
It's not about restoration, it's about indoctrination. These people make me sick. I can't believe that news story didn't say anything about the constitutionality of this. That's just poor journalism.

I heard a dj report it while I was driving earlier.  That dumbfuck thought it was a really clever idea.  Wtf?! 



Time to set up the Church of the FSM in that town. Punch and pie!
Flip the coin.  The Christians in that area can either go to jail.... or be banned from going to Church for one year.  You think that would fly?  Of Course not.   Its completly against the law (constitution).  So is this.

Or how about making them switch religions for one year, as the religion of their choice clearly is not keeping them on a path of honesty.

Christians would be required attend Synagogues, Jews would be required to attend Mosques, and Muslims would be required to attench Catholic Mass.

Is it specified which church? Or which churches would be allowed?

Could it be the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster??



Is it specified which church? Or which churches would be allowed?


Exactly what I was wondering.  Wouldn't the proponents of that program be miffed if it backfired, and people opted to attend a Church of Satan for a year? 

Or a Wiccan titty bar? I know some strippity Wiccans. That could get expensive. But if the judge really thinks that will turn their lives around, you can't put a price on that.
I remember prolly posted a pic on the florida (i think) church that had complaints of sigh read
"scumbags welcome" seriously!

anyhow yeah they love corruption. it's embedded into some organizations. perfect cover; church...

ACLU knows what's up
forget about the choice... it's more like why aid that loop hole for the criminal minded imho... dunno
just sounds like someone getting money from the system... w/0 reading the rules
Teen offenders will get sodomized either way.


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