I have a longer familiarity than most people with Chomsky, since I too was trained in linguistics. I haven't always agreed with him, but this assessment seems right on.  


I find it excruciatingly ironic that the religious nuts who predict apocalypse may actually have their judgment day, brought on by humans' ability to wage nuclear war and otherwise devastate the planet.

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Nuclear weapons are still a huge concern.

Chomsky. Almost always right; almost always boring.

Ever thought about this... Brilliant and gifted people often seem to dwell on the end-times and the apocalypse when they get really old. I seem to remember that Leonardo da Vinci is just one example of this.

Right on, Sven.

With Chomsky, I stop at the almost always boring and don't get to the almost always right.

Yeah... Last book I read by him was 'Hegemony or Survival'. It was educational and thought-provoking in some ways. But boring. His style of writing is so dry.


Chomsky is one the few intellectuals whose thoughts pass from mind to print with no editing or critique (though there are plenty of Chomsky-haters out there).  It's always been that way, even when he was writing about linguistics!

Alan, I'm wondering how the religious nuts will get their apocalypse or judgment day unless every last one of them knows that the apocalypse and judgment day are afflicting every last human being.

On second thought, if every religious nut, without evidence, jumps to the conclusion that what's happening nearby is happening everywhere, ...?

Hm-mm, where will running at that take me?

Alan, forget everything I wrote here. Please.

Tom, Religion is founded on NON -thinking, so it doesn't survive a moment's scrutiny. Don't give yourself a headache.

Your last paragraph says it all, Alan. Some politico theists actually think we are in the "end times" and could not care less about starting a nuclear war because then Jebus will have to step in and finish everything. It's an "I told you so" attitude and is very scarey!

Thanks, Michael.  Maybe the overlap of nuclear/environmental and religious apocalypse is an expression of people's petty egotism + existential fears: "The world can't go on without me, and it all has to end spectacularly -- and meaningfully" 

Exactly, Alan. The modern fundy christian misses the part that Jesus said he would return in the lifetime of his disciples, so it obviously had a "future" meaning. Today the fundies are all waiting for Jesus to split the sky and appear. Everyone I've ever known is so important that this event will happen "in their lifetime."

The trouble here is that people have been believing this for 2000 years!

Yes, I think he is right.

I like how he describes those who possess a nuclear weapon as hoping for gods continuing guidance in bearing such a responsibility. Sure, we have had nuclear accidents and we are lucky not a retaliatory nuclear war.

Yes, it is excruciatingly ironic but nonetheless true.

The weight given to divine intervention in accounting for these close calls is scary to me...because it's really just luck hat's going to run out.

Again, hard to believe, as these smart people confront their own demise,  the world can --or should -- go on without you...kinda arrogant.




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