If you had to choose a theocracy to live in which would you prefer? Personally, Islam would always be my least desirable option.

I understand that none of us would prefer to be forced to live under and submit to the ideology chosen by another person; we want that "none of the above" option. This question isn't about that though. This question is intended to force you to consider which religion is the most dangerous, the most detrimental.

American atheists seem to be generally ignorant about Islam and it's increasing threat, not only to freedom from religion, but to freedom of any kind. This is evident by the relative lack of discussion about Islam on the Atheist Nexus. If you are ignorant (which is no bad thing unless it is intentional) then I urge you to research the Islamization of Europe and the state of affairs in Islamic countries in Africa, the Middle East, and around the world. Below are a few resources which will hopefully inspire/incense you into doing this.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy: Inside a school for suicide bombers

Pat Condell on Islam

Pat Condell on the ground zero Mosque

I don't necessarily argue that we should be using the cold-war era tactic of buttressing the position of the church in the home and in the government. I do strongly argue that we should identify the greatest threat to our freedom and we should not simply speak up about it but act, with hostility if necessary, against any threats to our freedom. Islam respects nothing but force and if we continue to allow it to make inroads in positions of power and culturally then we will be left with absolutely no recourse but violence. Act now if you prefer a non-violent solution because there may come a day when that option no longer exists.

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Most Christians who are part of today's Christianity don't kill people.

Luckily, they don't. But I assume most Muslims who are part of today's Islam don't kill people either.
That's what Bush said, too. So the Christian religion is still used as a weapon of mass destruction. It's no "better" than Islam.
In historical terms these two faiths have been without question the most cruel and bloodthirsty of all of the one god beliefs ever. I couldn't really choose between the two. I'd rather fight against them both. I also see no peaceful solution, especially with radical Islam. Their completely fanatical approach leaves no room for compromise and nuking places like Mecca may be the only way to settle them down.
Radical Islam is so horrible. Their whole approach to dealing with anybody they think has insulted them in some way is by wanting to kill them. No patience, no tolorance, just kill, kill, kill.
nuking places like Mecca may be the only way to settle them down.

Radical Islam is so horrible. ... No patience, no tolorance, just kill, kill, kill.

Just... wow.
Well, there are ex-Muslim immigrants who don't view modern-day Christianity as oppressive the way we do. That's b/c they lived through religious regimes that made Christians look like pussies. Muslims who want to leave Islam but still want to believe in a God have also converted to Christianity.

Historically, Christianity and Islam may be about equal, but in modern times, Christianity has had its balls cut off. Most of the time I find Christianity to be an annoyance but if Islam got itself down even to the annoyance level of Christianity, I would have less of a problem with it. Christians are some of the few people who are vocally against Islamism, which is kind of sad b/c they're just Islam Lite anyway. It's still no more ironic than leftists kissing up to regimes which are 10 times more right-wing than the biggest right-wingers in the West.

I don't know if most atheists are really ignorant of Islam. (Of course, the claim is that if you say something negative about Islam, you obviously don't know anything about it. Blech.) There are some "Islamic enablers" as I call them, and there are some who only care about bashing Christianity, who I would more accurately call anti-Christians than atheists, but I have seen more atheists than I expected who were knowledgeable. I think b/c a lot of atheists are liberal-leaning, we get lumped in with most of the liberal policies, including multicultural accommodation.
Christianity = Islam Lite. Thanks for the laugh! Love it!

First of all, Islam, like Christianity, is not itself a threat to anything or anyone. It is always certain practitioners of the time who constitute the threat. May I remind you of the Crusades? Christian terrorists, people, nothing more glorified than that.

It irritates me to no end when people confuse the religion with the specific people and the times in which they live.

When you see or read about terrorists who claim to be Muslims, Islam is simply the wall they are hiding behind. They are hurt, vulnerable, immature, angry people looking for ANY excuse to lash out. In this regard, Christianity is no different. We've got shitloads of religious wingnuts in the US giving glory to their god in the name of "national security", "American interests" and generally causing death and destruction to humanity and the natural world.

Now if you want to get into which religion has the largest contingent of followers out to do damage, Christianity is the clear winner. While the US is in its founding documents a clearly secular country, the political and military machinery of this country operates very much under the flag of Christianity as it tramples all over the world, pissing people off left and right both here and abroad. By contrast, most of the damage "Islamic" terrorists perform are confined to their own countries. More people from Christian-practicing areas of the world are hurting people from Islam-practicing areas of the world than vice versa.

Since I side with neither, I have no vested interest in being "right". I'm simply looking at the hard numbers.

If the US would stop fricking around with the rest of the world, you'd see a lot less hate directed toward it. Think about it. If I came over to your house and harassed you 24/7, destroying your property and making you wonder whether you'd have a place to live or even be alive tomorrow, YOU'D HATE MY $%^&!ING GUTS. No question about it. That's the situation between the US and well, a lot of other countries and people.

I have met Christians and Muslims who keep their religion to themselves, eschewing the violence inherent in the Bible and the Quran. Again, you have to separate the religion from the people. People who engage in terrorism are simply looking for a flag to fly under. I could start going crazy and bombing places screaming about freedom for teacups. The flag just doesn't matter in terrorism - the actions and results are the same.
"First of all, Islam, like Christianity, is not itself a threat to anything or anyone. It is always certain practitioners of the time who constitute the threat."

"I have met Christians and Muslims who keep their religion to themselves, eschewing the violence inherent in the Bible and the Quran."

These 2 statements seem contradictory to me. The first statement implies that neither religion contains any harmful idea while the second flatly acknowledges that both promote violence in their holy books. You seem confused.

Both of these religions promote very bad ideas (racism, sexism, slavery, violence, intolerance, hatred, etc.) and the fact that some so-called believers disregard those ideas and pick the specific ideas that they can live with does not prove your point.
That's what I was thinking, as well. It's a rant against Islam. The catch is, we are asked to compare it to an equally dangerous religion.

I don't choose between two evils, even if one is "lesser". This is, tangentially, why I do not vote unless it's for THE candidate I want. If he's not running, my vote is a sham. And the candidates I've thought were worthy never made it past a certain point. So, I don't vote. Not for Ohyomama. Not for Christianity. Not for Islam. Wrap 'em all up in a giant grape leaf and bake at 400 degrees for 2 hours, and then compost it because it's still too toxic to consume.
"A pretence fuelled by an ignorance the author accuses of others. There is plenty of discussion about Islam and its adherents."

With all due respect, scan the discussion topics and you will notice that not 1 in 10 mention Islam. That is my perception anyway.

I may only be pretending to think here, but that's a philosophical question I don't want to get into. Your are correct that I am attempting to provoke some serious thought on the subject and based on the comments so far I feel justified in having done so.
Christianity is no more tolerant than Islam. Anyone that thinks otherwise is delusional and willfully ignoring what Xians did every single time they came to absolute power. What's stopping them now isn't the peace and love inherent in their religion, it's the societies their religion is in that rejected their thirst for blood.

Ask a Native American (North or South), anyone accused of being a witch ever, a homosexual in Uganda, or the absurd amount of people the Catholic church has killed how tolerant Christianity is.

So the choice is neither. The only choice is to fight to the death no matter which one you're stuck in.


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