Choose one superstitious belief to be true despite all logic. What would you Choose?

Lets say this for the sake of making a discussion: You somehow find a genie that is willing to grant you one wish, but that wish must be related to making a superstitious belief true. 

For example, I would choose reincarnation so long as it was only Human reincarnation. A person wouldn't be able to become an animal in a next life. Humanity would just continue recycling its own collective consciousness. 

This is all for fun. Use your imagination. This is a "what-if" scenario. I don't expect that you actually endorse such silly ideas.

I would imagine some people wouldn't choose anything. I guess that is fine, but its not any fun. :p

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How about one delusion that I believe to be true?

This is an online election for a world leader. You either vote for me as “El Supremo” , I think that I am about as good a choice as any, or you set up a website and present an alternative. Person with the most support that can be recognized on line is the winner. This is my suggestion for settling differences. If a GOD chooses to make his candidacy known, he to can create a website and enter the competition like the rest of us, or have his representatives here on earth present his case in the public court. Think all the GODs have already done that, without much success..

As for the Banking difficulties: My assessment is that our banking system is unstable because of 'interest' which is a positive feedback that forces continuous expansion in the money supply and destructive activity that presents itself as inflation and disproportionate power distribution.

My solution is to introduce a controlled amount of interest free currency into the world's economy over a period of time and eventually replace all world currency with a single world currency that is interest free.

I suggest that a new currency be selected with a new name. I suggest adopting the AMMERO (spelt with the extra 'M') to make it sound less like world domination. The AM would be for America. The ME would be for Mexico and the RO would be for the Royal Other so that everyone else can feel included.

If from henceforth all credit defaults are satisfied with the option of introducing this 'interest free' money it will only affect the contractual participants in the contract in question. A debtor being forced into receivership can borrow interest free Ammeros to satisfy the debt. The debtor will than be expected to repay the borrowed Ameros as a % of gross income until the debt is repaid. The Creditor who made what was obviously a bad loan gets full repayment that can be spent as any other currency. This will put the money into circulation and the repayments will take the money out of circulation.

Definitely not a GOD, but I for one wouldn't want one around.

I think random reincarnation would be amusing, up until the point where the dangers of the food chain become apparent... lol.

I believe that I’ve been a pretty good person.

I have only one or two regrets . . . something I would take back or do over.

I’ve never hurt anyone, that I know of, either physically or emotionally.

So, I figure I’m a pretty good candidate for Heaven;  so that would be the superstition that I would wish were true.  

Eternal heavenly bliss, or even the bliss I have in this life, is very appealing.

I choose manna. Manna from heaven. Then nobody in the world would go hungry. Though it would get pretty boring eating nothing but manna all the time. So, bacon also. We could keep making bacon. After all, bacon makes anything taste good.

Gum that never loses it's flavor, …No! batteries that last forever!!!!!!

Wait, I wasn't thinking...

How 'bout...

Compassionate Conservativism

Compassionate Conservatism!  Come on now, even a genie could not grant that wish.

When I realized I was an atheist I was suddenly depressed by the realization that I would never see my Great Grandmother or Grandfather ever again.  So I guess it would be nice to have a "heaven" so I could see my deceased family members (well, some of them...).  However, I always liked the idea of reincarnation bc it is immortality in a way.

Nous n'avons pas la vie éternelle. Le surnaturel n'existe pas. Etes-vous un fantôme qui vivra pour l'éternité?

Puis-je être un fantôme qui hante les bordels de Paris?

....utilisez votre imagination.

How about NO. 

How about if we're going to have a rational world, it is an UTTERLY rational world, 100%, no exceptions, no loopholes, no backroom deals, no hidden codicils.  Just the laws of physics and of nature, cause and effect, from the sub-nuclear quantum level to the intergalactic ... because the second any one kind of irrationality is permitted, more of such becomes expected.  It's bad enough that people believe that such things exist when they don't.  Imagine the madness should one be revealed.

Thank you very much, but absolutely, emphatically, irrevocably, NO.

Disciplined imagination gives rise to discovery, Joshua.  The problem is that too many people can't be bothered with the discipline.  All they know is that THEY WANT.  Whether they deserve or are willing to put in the hours and the sweat don't matter, and if praying to some hotshot deity will get them what they want, the essential order which defines reality can go hang for all of them.

If you can come up with miracles which are subject to investigation, whose mechanisms can be divined, analyzed, and understood, which, in short, just turn out to be based on laws of nature we simply hadn't discovered yet, that would be one thing.  For myself, I do not anticipate any such discovery.

As things are, imagination WITHOUT discipline can give rise to delusion ... and this world has had far more than enough delusion.


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