chris hedges on the fall of america and bernie sanders 2016

chris hedges on the fall of america and bernie sanders 2016

Dumbed down U.S. citizens fail to take on mentally healthy, mature, adult, discussion. A dumbed down nation of work-serfs serve their 1% masters. Hedges confronts us with the evident truth from which many deny out of fear, despair, or a sense of helplessness. His harsh description does not make what he says untrue, merely inconvenient and uncomfortable. 

We live at a time in the history of the Earth of tremendous change brought on by the reality of climate change. We have to make changes in our social and political lives if we want to survive Mother Nature’s wrath. We have to think regarding what is right for the living things of the Earth and forsake greed. 

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Right! He is an influential writer and his speeches persuade. He seemed to have given up his presbyterian upbringing and evolved into a, gee; I don't know. I don't think he is an agnostic or atheist. He does refer to the need for people to respect what is. I guess that is one of the things that I would discuss with him.
I would love to sit down for a cup of coffee with him.

Aw, Joan, your occasional pessimism has pushed aside a sentence completion process I'm sure you know.

About ___________________________________,

I'm feeling ____________________ (one word)

and thinking that _____________________________________________________.

About everything I'm feeling shitty and thinking that it sucks.

OK, given the reality that everything sucks I can choose to: 

1. feel helpless, hopeless and depressed; 

2. feel that I can take action that will inform the people before it is too late; 

3. feel the forces of Mother Nature will have her way and living things will change because they have no choice;

4. realize that there is nothing I can do so just do what I want to do;

5. decide what is important to me and pay attention to doing what I can to make life fun.

Have I left out an option?


6. Over-indulge in adult beverages and be very glad I never had children.

Bertold, you have that one correct. I would get my minerals from Glenmorangie single malt whiskey --- if it were not for my diabetes; alcohol makes something in my torso hurt. Oh well! I like tonic water from which I get quinine that helps my leg cramps. 

Jeez, I didn't think this way befoe. See what 80 yeara does to a person! 

Wow! You have a great strategy to make it through the day! It sounds as though there is no whining going on in your house. Good for you, Thomas!


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