Try all fiction.

   Jesus died and his death and resurrection was attached to Easter/Ishtar which is originally a Spring fertility festival tied in with the first full moon after the Spring equinox. Why would this be done? It means that Easter was March 30th in 1986 and April 23rd in 2000. Easter has a moveable dateline. If Jesus died on the Friday before Easter he doesn't rate highly enough to have his own date of death. Nuff said?

   Others claim that the actual 3 days and 3 nights involved were Wednesday through Saturday, but mostly this is the Seventh Day Adventists who then have Jesus rising on their own sacred day of the week.

   Still others say that the resurrection of Jesus was actually connected to the Passover, which lasted more than one day but again has a movable dateline. Passover was when god killed all the firstborn except for the Jewish ones, and it had to do with the Exodus from Egypt which we know today never really happened. The Jews were not slaves to Egypt. Why would Jesus' resurrection be tied to Passover?

   To the Romans early Christianity was a Jewish movement. Did someone put this together in a way as to give Judaism its Messiah in hopes of avoiding future conflict? It appears so to me except for the "moveable dates" involved. This is where the fiction comes in, but someone prior to 325 AD was trying to attach Jesus to Judaism perhaps for this reason.

   Imagine a real person that you know who wants to keep the memory of his loved one alive so every year he commemorates the anniversary of that death. The problem is that you notice his loved one dies on a different day every year. You might humor him or you might think he was insane.

   You might assume that his loved one never rated highly enough to have his own date of death. In this case the loved one is most likely a fiction. So much for Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection for the sake of our sins.

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Well, if this Geologist is right, Jesus did live, but his resurrection was only a spiritual one, as it appears that Jesus had a son named Judah.

The Roman Julian and Gregorian calenders differ by 14 days respectively. This leaves us with the same problems for Jesus' death and resurrection. What day was it?

The Hebrew calender is a lunisolar type used for agriculture and religious observance primarily. It has an additional month added every two or three years to correct between 12 lunar months and the solar year. Hence, we have as many problems with the Jesus issue as we had before.


Yes, the lunisolar Hebrew calendar, the reason why we have 969 year old person in the O.T., because it was 12 years per our calendar year, so Moses lived to around 50 years instead of 600 and Methuselah was 80 solar years old and not 969, because of the differences in the Hebrew calendar.

Yet, many Xtians called me an idiot for stating this, because they actually believed ppl lived that long in ancient times, when in truth, people's average life expectancy was around 25 years back then, so 50 and 80 would have been extremely old and thus seen as extraordinary for those times. 

Only too common now!

They worshipped people for living that long, it is like somebody living to 130 solar years now.


The problem with the Evangelicals on all this is they believed it was supernatural. The minute that Eve ate the forbidden fruit mankind "died" in the sense that slowly they started NOT living as long as intended. Eventually longevity got to the point it is today so no more Methuselah. It's strange what the Christian believes.

I'm with Eve in this matter: I'd rather learn something than obey.

And you're right of course! I refused to marry until some more equal rights laws worked, because I felt I didn't need a head of the family.

But ladies, if Jebus is involved the vows all become an extension of property and ownership so that man can protect you. Later he trades in a 40 for two 20's.

Vow! Not a vow at all and no jeebus either. Just registration at the townhall.

Between you and I, that's the easiest way.

Don't know how anyone can believe he actually came back from the dead in the first place......that's not even scientifically possible. Once you're dead, you're dead.

I do like to joke (privately) that Jesus is pretty much a zombie :P

It's funny, Jessica, when all of these people tell you "one of these days you're going to wake up in hell." Wait a minute. If you died how are you going to wake up?




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