Christian Atrocities and their silence. Is this true of all Christians.

Comment by Steven D Campagna 12 hours ago

Many Christians know of the atrocities done in the name of the loving, peaceful and compassionate Jesus - yet they speak not a single word about any of it. I'd be ashamed to speak also if I were them.

That leaves you and I to tell the world about 'what they've done' and 'what they're doing' currently to avoid responsibility for their actions. When a posting shows these things it is hoped that someone/anyone will take those deeds and post in other places - so more of the world will know more about these devils and how they act and what they are doing. The world needs to know these people and their fruits will show everyone exactly whom they really are. The gospel they follow is EVIL and I'm not afraid to speak about it.

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@ Steven,

If we use this logic of yours then you are also a murderer. In Afghanistan. Here is a link about what you did in Afghanistan.

Why did you do this? Why did you kill these children? Does it make you big and tough to do such a thing? 

If you tell me you are not an American then my accusations are baseless. But if you are an American then you are a murderer, according to your own logic. 

Comment by Steven D Campagna 4 hours ago

Leveni - you should be more specific about 'what I've done'. You think I support the wars/ How do you know? How do you know I haven't spoken against them?

In Afghanistan it's well understood that Muslim radicals deliberately hide behind women and children using them as 'shields'....and it's a war - people get hurt and killed. I'm not hiding behind anyone nor did I start these wars. I'm a citizen and a pawn just like everybody else. We all say and do whatever we can - that doesn't make all of us 'responsible' for the atrocities of war.

Christians deliberately hide behind the atrocities of their leaders and authorities. They never speak of it and never begin any conversation about what they'd witnessed. In fact, it seems the 'new and improved' Chrisian is now beginning to side with the 'leaders' by saying nothing whatsoever about the atrocities (pedophelia) they've witnessed. Silence is golden to these people. I'm not silent.

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Hi Steven,

The point I am making has to do with sectarianism. You want me to tell you what crime you have committed. Fair enough. I know you have not committed any crime in Afghanistan. You have never been there. So, this same reasoning should apply to everybody, even Christians. Now you tell me the crime committed by every single Christian in the world, along with their names.  If you know of a Christian who knows of a crime then go to the police and tell the police about this crime. If you don't go to the police, then you are just as guilty as the Christians you are complaining about.


Just because somebody is a Christian doesn't mean they are paedophiles, nor does it mean they condone paedophilia. Having said that, every time I hear the word priest or religious minister, paedophile does comes to mind. The media sure is strong in forcing images into our brains or maybe my brain is easily swayed.


"Christians deliberately hide behind the atrocities of their leaders and authorities" What does this mean? 


How do we know that there are paedophilic priests? Surely it was the Christians themselves who went to the police and told the police about this unimaginable crime committed against such innocent beings. 


In Afghanistan I have heard of the Taliban hiding behind women and children. But if the US army goes to somebody's house, to kill a guy, who has fought for the Taliban, where should his wife and children go? Should they leave the house and after leaving the house tell the Americans, "You can go and kill my husband now, we have left our house" or "Our Dad is still inside, we left the house so you can go and kill him" and then "tell us when you have finished killing him, so we can go home and live happily ever after". These people have a way of life that isn't going to change. Their family unit is not like ours. Their nuclear family unit is looked upon as a one person, not various different sentient beings who are supposedly encouraged to do as they wish. We may not agree with the way they think, but that's the way they think. If America wants to stop this way of thinking, America is going to have to kill almost every Afghan in the country. So, why is America there? 


Anyway, getting back to the real problem.

Do you personally know of any crime committed by a Christian leader or authority or anybody at all? This is a rhetorical question. 


Priests, pastors, mastors, bishops, friars, ministers, prophets and pope's all spew lies with nearly every breath they take.

In those Sunday school Bible classes they give those 'lessons' to little 6-year-olds which say snakes once talked to a female who then ate a piece of fruit which then caused untold birthing pains and basically ruined the entire humans race.

Next, they tell these little children that Jesus died on a cross, all bloody and with untold pain and suffering just to save you little children from your sins. Jesus loved you so very much - and the very 'least' you can do is love him right back.

Those that do not accept Jesus as Lord and savior will be sent to Christian hell to be 'burnt'...with their mommy's looking down on them from Christian heaven each day - to view you're suffering and torture - forever.

Yes, now we have a new convert and saved soul through intimindation and threats. Religion is lovely and every single one of them believe the basics and spread this poison along. Children grow up not being to think clearly - that evolution is from the devil - and that atheists and homosexuals don't deserve equality nor should they even be allowed citizenship because we are 'One Nation Under God' and you damn well better get used to it.

So yes, I do throw all god-believers in a basic bucket of crap - because that's what they believe and spread around like dog-shit. If there is a Christian out there that doesn't believe any of the basic tenants of Christianity - such as the resurrection and that Christians go to heaven and I certainly do not - let them step forward and let's talk.

HI Steven,

So yes, I do throw all god-believers in a basic bucket of crap - because that's what they believe and spread around like dog-shit. 

I liked this line the best. You could put that on Youtube, its funny stuff.


Ok, when it comes to the protection of children, I agree with what you are saying.  


But is what the Christians are saying to child a legal form of child abuse? This time I decided to look it up. I had to look at your profile, in order to find legislation that was relevant to where you lived. Here is a link to the criminal laws of Arizona. But I don't have time to go through them right now, but will later on. Maybe you could tell me what crimes, if any, might apply, even slightly, to child abuse. 

As for sectarianism, why make an enemy out of all of them(Christians). Surely there must be some Christians in Arizona that aren't anti-atheist. I go to church once a week to help out in the soup kitchen. Nobody minds me being an atheist there. Admittedly, I don't go around preaching atheism. One particular guy tries to reason with me, in a very Christian way, but I love it. All the things that people have said on these forums, about logical inconsistencies in Christianity, are true. It's great. Admittedly the priest guy has never talked with me, maybe he would be a little more consistent. 


Leveni - Indoctrination of little children that messes up their brains for future critical thinking is child abuse. NO, it cannot and will never be listed as such because of overwhelming god-belief from those that make and enforce our laws.

Many studies have shows how American children are well behind the rest of the western world in math and other studies. In the acceptance of evolutionary biology America ranks 39th out of 40 western nations (Turkey is ranked 40th). That tells me a lot. Then today 12-15-2011 we have this..........

Developments in Washington D.C. - Nearly half of America's public schools didn't meet federal achievement standards this year, marking the largest failure rate since the much-criticized No Child left behind Law took effect a decade ago, according to a national report.

The Center on Education Policy shows more than 43,000 schools 48 percent - did not make 'adedquate yearly progress' this year.

The failure rates range from a low of 11 percent in Wisconsin to a high of 89 percent in Florida. (Arizona Republic 12-15-11)

We are close to changing our name to "The United States of Stupid".

Add a little more child brainwashing about talking snakes, Intelligent Design, the 2nd Coming of Jesus and a whole array of other incideous ideas and we'll be the laughing stock of the entire planet. When I go places now and if asked where I'm from - I tell them Canada. It's way to embarrassing to let them know I'm from a rabid Christian foaming-at-the-mouth nation. They already know this of course.

Hi Steven,

The Center on Education Policy shows more than 43,000 schools 48 percent - did not make 'adedquate yearly progress' this year.

Funny you should say this. I was reading about a Professor Somner-Miller(he was really famous here in Australia), he predicted this about America years ago. Interesting that you bring this up now. 

Add a little more child brainwashing about talking snakes, Intelligent Design, the 2nd Coming of Jesus and a whole array of other incideous ideas and we'll be the laughing stock of the entire planet. 

So many Americans say this. I just wonder if it is really true. It can't be that bad surely. Admittedly I don't live where you live so it's impossible for me to know.

When I go places now and if asked where I'm from - I tell them Canada.

Your not the only one, other Americans have admitted to me this very same thing.

We have had cases in Australia where children have been forcibly removed from Christian sects. I wonder if this has ever happened in America? 


There have been many cases in the United States where interventions have removed people from Christian sects. In an off-shoot of the Mormon Church (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) there has over the past few years been many escapees that have come forward.

Unfortunately, some never escape such as what happened with the Jim Jones massacure of over 900-people that left the California area to live in South America - and they drank poison.

The title of this thread is Christian atrocities and their silence. I might have one (I'll look for it) that shows how this is happening more often and how ugly it has become.

The SILENCE of Christians as they commit atrocities. This is now becoming more noticable as the following shows:

The 15-year-old New Hampshire girl was pregnant, scared-to-death, and intimidated beyond belief when she was made to stand before her Trinity Baptist Church congregation and apologize for her immorality.

Pastor Ernest Willis in fact had raped this young girl and was behind this new public humilitation. Oh how the congregation reacted! Stone-faced, judgemental and pious. Oh yes, one or two were jaw-dropping flabbergasted at this real life freak-show. Why, this was far better than any movie in any theatre in the land!

Afterwards, morning coffee and gossip was never better and made this Sunday morning complete.

Pastor Willis, and who knows how many other church 'authorities', immediately helped ship this pregnant teenager to another Baptist family living in Colorado for hiding.

It took police 14-years to track this girl down. Her baby was gone; adopted out by this Colorado Baptist family - to get rid of the 'shame'.

Pastor Willis, 52, Gilford, N.H. said he was 'sorry and ashamed for this thoughtless act of sexual misconduct', but refused to admit to child rape.

The Baptist 'congregation' has largely been completely silent regarding the Sunday morning 'incident' and the subsequent cover-up. Pastor Willis received 15 to 20-years in prison for this assault and rape of a child. The girl, Tina Anderson, now 29, said she was 'thrilled' with the sentence.

"I was never believed no matter how many times I told everyone it was not consensual. Now it has been proven in a court-of-law that he's guilty, and he has been given a significant sentence", said Tina Anderson.

The case remained unresolved for so many years because Concord police could not locate the girl. Unknown to them, Pastor Willis, Trinity baptist Church, had conspired to ship her out-of-state, with the mother's consent. and the congregation kept silent for years.

(Arizona Republic 9/7/2011)

There was a raid on an FLDS compound a while back where children were removed.


unrepentant the canadian genocide

and in asia people who practice falun gong were rounded up and shot

in africa there are culling programs

in india there are the dalit

etc etc etc...

this is a human condition that is beyond religion 


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