Christian Blogger: Christy Sheats Rightly Killed Her Daughters Because They Were Seeing Black Guys

Christian Blogger: Christy Sheats Rightly Killed Her Daughters Beca...

Ruth, don't read this, it will just add to your low spirits. 

Christian writer Jennifer Mayers found a way to make it so much worse. On her blog (tagline: “Spreading Positivity through Jesus Christ”), Mayers defended the killing of Sheats’ daughters because — wait for it — they were dating black guys.

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Some believers even today assert that god did not want the races to mingle sexually. 100 years ago it was not as easy to be with a black person sexually (or any person of a race you don't approve of in some way) so people just stuck with "their own kind." This is how the fundies think it was supposed to be and what god had in mind. Everyone had an "area" in the world that they belonged to and that's fairly much how it stayed until the fatal flaw came into play that put all the races together in almost all areas -- the invention of the airplane.

Apparently the all knowing god and his followers were too stupid to figure this out. Fast worldwide travel comes forward as just another "trick of the devil." It puts more people from all over together in one place.

Here's a question for the late mentally deranged Christy Sheats. If your white daughters are sleeping with black men will they still be the same people in the morning?

I rest my case.

While we only have the word of Jennifer Mayers as to a reason for this tragedy, most reports of it say the reason for the shooting is unknown. Sheats had a history of mental illness and "wanted her husband to suffer." Mayers, on the other hand, calls Sheats a martyr because god wants NO race mixing. (I guess that means it's OK to kill those who do.)

Some people are still just stupid. Many years ago a man I went to school with married a girl from the Philippines. Many of the locals called her black. Perhaps Mayers and Sheats are both that stupid as well. OK. Mayers means "no race mixing." That limits the subject a whole lot more indeed. Anyone aware that we are all of mixed race?

Maybe boats figure into this travel to other ares of the world as well. Remember that the bible approved of slavery so you also have that book to thank for bringing people together, but not in any way or form of being equal. Slavery led the way in class distinction and hatred. Sheats apparently believed the nonsense.

I could understand murder between a married couple when a marriage fails, but of each other, not of the children of the marriage. I was more inclined to suicide and got over that in relatively short order. Sure glad I did. I had too much work to do to raise our kids to adulthood. 

"Positivity through Christ" really packs a punch!  Religion sometimes even goes out of its way to poison everything.

If some dumb-ass deity didn't mean the "races" to mix, why is it that all of us, white, black, oriental, whatever, variations on the same 46-chromosome code and fully capable of reproducing across the superficial divide represented by skin color?  Once again, it's the same kind of us-vs-them baiting which religion has specialized in since before Hector was a pup ... and like most of that religion's teaching, it deserves to be IGNORED.

Religion creates an "us-vs-them baiting" and is at the core of why religion is not a healthy belief system. 

I hear recently that scientists have determined that there is no such thing as race. I wish I could remember where. Essentially we are not breeds but human imagine that. I am apparently white. What does that mean? Nothin. I clam to be human. I cant say there isn't blacks, Asians or whatever in the wood pile somewhere in my family tree! So can I say I'm white? Does it really matter? I'm happy being human just like everyone else. Hopefully someday religions bigotry will be overcome.

"Anthropologists, biologists and geneticists have increasingly found that, biologically speaking; there is no such thing as "race." Modern science is decoding the genetic puzzle of DNA and human variation - and finding that skin color really is only skin deep."

RACE - The Power of an Illusion


Bill Nye: Race is a Human Construct

 Compelledunbeliever , perhaps one of these sources is to what you refer. I like the Bill Nye video; he is down to Earth. 

I like the idea of a human is a human; we may be from different tribes or clans, and we are all human! 

What was it that Richard Dawkins said?  Oh, yeah:

We Are All Africans.

All of us with 46 chromosomes, all mutually compatible, regardless of ethnic background or skin color and, presuming we're intelligent enough to survive, destined somewhere downstream to "evolve" to a mixed, mulatto "race" which by that time will be nothing worth noticing or worrying about.

There's just one race: the human race.

I'm amazed that Jennifer Mayers thinks Sheats "rightly killed her daughters." Along with this nonsense way of "Christian thinking" I have noticed remarks and actions of other whites repeatedly when it comes to black people. Many think we did them "a favor" by making them slaves in the past because for some reason they might not have got along well on their own. How frigging conceited was that? Then they throw in the idea that part of that "favor" was teaching them about "the one true god." Total ignorance here.

Then I have those who remind me that even though I married an African lady I'm not rushing off to live in black neighborhoods. The wife and I are separated now for over 2 years but back on talking and visiting terms. These same people cannot figure that out. Let it be said that I'm not "rushing off" to live in Eskimo neighborhoods either. I'm also not wanting to move in on the Indian reservations or claim myself as one of Australia's bushmen.

Many people are totally ignorant but it's all OK if you explain it away with godmyth. Poor god. In separating the races he was so stupid that he never figured on the invention of the airplane. Did he even know about boats? I wonder.

Schizophrenia?  Sounds like it to me.  Disconnection from reality, a messianic need to save her family from a "fate worse than death," aren't those symptoms?  Anybody here more qualified than I to identify this?  (Very likely; I taught high school psychology for 14 years while moms were still being blamed for gay sons; I also have a schizophrenic ex-son-in-law.  Not much in the way of credentials.)  I'm not sure whether her religion turned her into a murderer, or merely played into her illness. 


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