I recently saw this story on the BBC.  A christian couple in England was denied the right to adopt because they admitted that they could not tell the child that homosexuality was ok.  The judge ruled that sexual discrimination laws overruled freedom of religion laws, and quot:

"The organisation said the judgment "sends out the clear message that orthodox Christian ethical beliefs are potentially harmful to children and that Christian parents with mainstream Christian views are not suitable to be considered as potential foster parents".


This is something I have always agreed with, as christian parents often adopt because they feel it is their duty to spread their religion, which I see as forced indoctrination of children.


Any thoughts on christians, or any religious person with extreme views adopting children?


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Well, thank Allah this couple has an alternative -



A Muslim girl told me that in her faith your children must be of your own seed. No nonfamily adoption. D:


I'm not sure what I think on the refusal to allow a family to adopt. On the one hand, I agree that it's not right to raise a child with biases. On the other hand, it's a loving family that this child has just been denied.

I guess my only question is, why is this family necessary automatically loving?  I just have a personal distaste for the assumption that just because a family is christian, they are loving.  They are pentecostal, perhaps they will impose overly strict discipline, rules and standards, and shelter the child.  I mean, a child without a home is worse than one with a home....but still...

How is it a 'loving family' if they are bigoted against homosexuals, what if the adopted child deviates from the sexual and societal 'standard.' It is extreme hypocrisy for governments to activily punish racism but not homophobia... or to push for strict sexual consent laws (big brother in your bedroom eh) but not do a thing about permanent genital mutilation done to infants. 


Faith, more broadly, should be considered harmful to children and society in general. Propagating hatred because of differences is the way to destruction. People need to care more about themselves and stop 'moralizing' i.e telling other people to be the same as they are, especially when their views are not supported by facts. Tolerance to me, is saying, 'hey, you live a different way and so do I, you are not necessarily wrong just because you live differently...' Or more realistically, I do not have the power, energy, empathy, or the time to make the world exactly how I want it, so live and let live.


The only thing that trumps tolerance in my book are the facts, and individual freedom.

I am not assuming they are loving because they are Christian. I am assuming they are loving because adoption is a difficult and expensive process. Which is why rarely do people intentionally adopt for abuse victims. It's different than being a foster parent, which my friends' families can attest to.


And you guys are acting as if Christians are intentionally malevolent. The majority are not. They are not looking to emotionally abuse their children. They are simply misguided. They really do think they are doing what's best for the child by teaching them that homosexuality is wrong. =/ But I'm sure all of us can think of something our parents did that they meant well for us but was simply misguided. Does that mean none of our parents are fit to be such?

I looked up the website for adopting in the UK


Some interesting points 


Your sexuality

Adoption by hetrosexual and gay people and couples should be treated similarly by all adoption agencies. Recent research indicates that gay adopters do a very good job of parenting children and that they have as much as anyone else to offer children who are placed for adoption. You should not expect to face any discrimination because of your sexuality.


Your religious beliefs

Agencies will often state that they approve prospective adopters "of all faiths or none". Your religion may exclude you from being considered for some children, usually where the birth parent has expressed a desire for them to be brought up in a particular faith, but it will not be a barrier to you adopting.


from the dailymail

Mrs Johns has said in the past: ‘The council said, “Do you know, you would have to tell them that it’s OK to be homosexual?”


I found this article which covers everything on the subject.


I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to foster the child. They have done so 15 times before with no complaints.  Also they were only offering short-term places for children between 5 and 10 years old.


I've thought about the issue and personally I think it wrong to force the issue of sexuality on a child between the ages of 5 to 10.  The council that wishes the Johns to do this should be sacked. Children should not have such topics forced upon them, let them be children at least until they become teenagers. This particular council is just wrong.




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