I have not found any reference to one New Testament peculiarly. Christian doctrine says that Jesus was sacrificed for our sins so we can go to heaven. This is really the meat and potatoes of the religious belief. As a former Jesus freak and avid student of the bible I certainly understand the concept. So Jesus died and we are all saved "by his blood". For some reason it just didn't take....

  I really don't understand why it apparently didn't work. According to the Pauline doctrine which makes up almost all of the new testament we must "Believe" to be saved. Christians will tell you that by Jesus's blood we are save by his death. Within a few moments we are told we must "Believe" or have "faith". Am I the only one who sees a problem here?

 If the criterion is "belief" why all the drama? What use was God killing himself and coming back? I do understand the whole Jesus had to pay the price for our sins thing (not that that was necessary as God could have simply forgiven us).  But no one seems to notice that the whole sacrifice thing was completely ineffective or there would not be NEW requirements for us to be saved. If the actual requirement of salvation is belief than the whole passion story is unnecessary.

 So is it just me or is this just such a dogmatic core Christian belief that it is completely overlooked by Christians? 

My guess is that we are dealing with two types of doctrines mixed together. That of the pre-pauline Jesus traditions of a rabbi preparing his followers for a physical establishment of heaven on earth in Jerusalem by a physically present God. The second being, a post Pauline understanding of a spiritual only Jesus and a celestial heaven without physical deities.
So what is the story here?

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Outside of various cop-outs that believers use, I continually hear the following:

Those people are not true Christians.

God will continue to use Jimmy Swaggert.

Regardless of what you think Oral Roberts University does a lot of good.

Fake TV evangelists still make others aware of god.

God does everything in his own good time. etc, etc.

I'm still wondering about all those zombies who came out of the grave also and confused about it being at the crucifixion or the resurrection. Which was it? Did they have a bodily resurrection like the writings say Jesus had? If not, how did anyone know about them? Did they stay alive from that point, or did they have to die again? If they were seen by many, did that inspire hope or terrify the citizens? To imagine hope you would have to think the citizenry knew what was going on. The very idea of this "zombie resurrection" would appear to have been added to the story much later and it appears in 2 gospels.

Obviously these writings do not hold up to modern times.

Lol Jerry

Lay on the grass, watch the activity of a bee; it cleans its head, ears (or whatever those antennae looking things are), it cleans its arms, legs, body. At some point, the cleaned bee flies to a flower and sticks its proboscis into the soft insides, getting all covered, so the bee looks as yellow as the pollen of the flower. The weighted down creature flies to another flower and gets a full-body dose of that pollen before it flies off, to who knows where, to do whatever bees do. It doesn't rub its hands together and ask god what to do, it just does what bees do. 

I wonder if Homo sapiens will ever be so free? 



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