After Constantine had advised that it was wiser for Christians not to be taught in the Greek traditions it was all but over for Christian education and all but ready for Christian ignorance. The thought that a system of values, that regards ignorance as its highest achievement is a template for a universal moral code is breathtaking. Christians simply can’t reason without reference to dogma, making their conclusions all but worthless in liberal democracies. The thought that a witch doctor’s advice was an essential part of a 21st century Indian reservation’s ethical logo would be laughed at in the halls of power. Yet when it comes to their own discredited witch-doctors ideas they have no problem beholding the advice as the epitome of wisdom.
Far from appearing an ethically superior worldview, Christianity’s obsession with sexual activities and other people’s life-choices gives it the look of a perverted washed up mind-set, totally out of touch with a civilisation that’s increasingly oblivious to its message. Having no recourse to moral consequences religious thinking is full of warnings and taboos yet bereft of the moral conscience needed to make ethical judgments; the idea that the church has a contribution to make to the moral debate is a joke.
Moral command ethics chains the human evaluation of the church to a population of licensees, allowed, but not free, to act according to their conscience. If people’s lawful idiosyncratic preferences differ from a handful of prescribed dogmas, there deemed ‘’theologically’’ unlawful, and worthy of punishments society wouldn’t feel justified in administering to a mass murderer.
With shattering world events like the Asian tsunami seemingly insignificant when compared to gay marriage, or masturbation, and contraception considered more dangerous than the aids virus, the idea of moral law is a dead duck. Such deranged values can never even masquerade as an ethical worldview.
In reality the problem lies with trying to impose a system of archaic judgmental restrictions on law abiding citizens who simply have no interest in them. Christian ethics is two thousand years out of date.
I advise that sin is the most ethically pure life-style available.

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I recently read that (1) the Murrow Indian Children's Home declared that they'd refuse the atheist money even if it came through a church, and (2) the Wilbourns even tried to pay $5000 of the children's home electric or water bill! When I find the link again I'll post it in Loren's discussion "We Don't Want Your (Atheist) Money!"

Thanks to Loren for sharing Seth Andrews' podcast episode about this,
at "We Don't Want Your (Atheist) Money! (The Thinking Atheist)".

I agree with you totally, Gerald. Christians have no ethics or morals. It's all a dead horse.

Come on Michael I must take issue with your post for the first time. Of course I know you know better. Christians certainly have ethics and morals, they just are not ethical or moral. ;)

I'll buy the fact that I said it wrong and you got it right. Christians are not ethical or moral.





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