The first comes via Hemant Mehta's website "The Friendly Athiest".  These are actor readings of posts from  Christian forums (fora?).



After watching this about 5 times - the silent actor is as effective as the "mom")


I'm addicted!

Oh Wow!

"Is there some medicaments I can eat to make sure my child is pure?"

Had to share!

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I'm going to bump this just once, in case someone wants to see them.  Might be lost in the postings....  too good to let it languish!

thanks for the bump - that did help me to see these - appreciate it

These are funny Daniel - haha

Steph, I laughed and laughed.  The parents who are devastated by their 5 year old wanting to give flowers to a little girl!  Wow!  And "Why can't we speak monkey?"  So funny!

yes I was laughing at that too - so dramatic

oh wow - those people are so truly ignorant ... just pure ignorance

These are a scream!  Thanks.

Haha "medicaments" These are all great! Thanks. 

I just hope she doesn't read about saltpeter.  Which apparently doesn't work anyway.

regarding evolution and the 2nd law of thermaldynamics:

"...if there was such a source (feeding the earth energy) i'm sure the scientists would know about it."

the stupid is strong with evolution deniers.

Yeah, they would ... and it's about 93 million miles from here.

Dratted trees!  Can't see the forest because of 'em!

Ya think?  :-)




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