Christian gives advice for converting atheist teens

They know they're losing influence with young people. They know if they don't catch them young, they won't be able to get them as adults. Here's my take on one Christian's advice for converting teen atheists:

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From what I have seen, most teen atheists were raised in Christian homes, so how  well these little tricks are going to work on people who've had tricks played on them their entire lives is doubtful at best.  Here's a new trick for them:  Show don't tell.  Be nice.  Don't push your religion.  Don't belittle their atheism or tear them down for not agreeing with you.  Don't rattle on endlessly on the evils of homosexuality, other religions or immorality.  They've heard all that before.  Forget the prosperity gospel.  Realize people are often poor through no fault of their own and wealth doesn't make one person better or more godly than the next.  If a christian do all that, then maybe, one day,  atheists will listen to them.
Wow...this is pretty crazy. I like the advice:

1. Lie.
2. Stress the existence and characteristics of someone whose existence 2000 years ago is uncertain.
3. Assume the atheist is stupid and as if they really do believe god exists.
4. And last, delude yourself and repeat.

Thank you for sharing that.   It provides a good counter-argument strategy.


I wonder why anyone would think 'mocking' is a good way to 'break down emotional barriers'?  I suppose they're at the point they'll try ANYTHING to get a few young fishies on the hook.

My own strategy as a teen atheist was to be well informed and to have sarcasm and irony that no christian adult could match. 


When a pastor told me that if god had meant man to smoke, it would have put chimneys in our heads, I responded that if "god" had meant man to shave,it would have affixed little lawnmowers to our jowls.  I was sixteen. Precocious, eh?

Lovely. XP


I woke up yesterday morning thinking about circumcision in Judeo-Christianity. Why would a god put a skin on a man and then demand it be cut off a baby? >.< That's what I really don't understand. I could see if inflicting the masochism on one's self to prove devoutness as an adult. But not on a baby.

Here here!

Hm..if heaven were real, and their god took anyone who claimed to be their fan, then Hell would actually be rather decent. :3


As for the topic on hand, geez. Manipulate and use deceit. That's the best way to convert me. Make it so I know that all you really care about is your own self interest.

sounds like a criminal to me; we won't over look a thing; we're the ones that have been highly educated on ignorance and violence in all it's causes and forms; not that chump

his agenda is divisive and detrimental; a total criminal that belongs in a cage




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