Christian Group: Fast 40 days to prevent gay marriage.

Virginia is for lovers? Family Foundation of Virgina calls on christians to fast, pray, and repent for 40 days to prevent gay marriage.

"We don’t know what the Lord will do. We do know that He is sovereign." So I guess is the supreme court eliminates discriminatory legislation and opens the way for gay marriage, it' god's will. Cool! He does work in mysterious ways!

But meanwhile, I wonder how many christians will take on this group's call for a hunger strike. Does that include giving up communion? No grape juice and crackers?

Can we encourage them to start now and fast through to October, instead of waiting until August? I think that would show more sincerity.

Mormon Trestin Meacham did the same thing in Utah, but only for 2 weeks. He said the next time this happens, he will give up football instead.

I think I will give up eating kale, until the supreme court finds in favor of gay marriage. That'll show them.

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If they alse dont drink water, they will dry out like mummies. Christian jerky for the god. Chewey and a little musty, like those dried mushrooms in the produce section.
@wiley, now that's something I could pray for.
This pisses me off no end. My 10 year old g daughter told me yesterday that some teachers in her school had a prayer meeting before class. They hold it in private so I can't say anything about it but... at some point my g daughter heard them say that gays were going to hell. Her brother, my gson, is gay. If I knew which ones it was I'd be at school raising hell. I can't change their stupid opinion but I can try to keep the idiots from spreading it to young children.
It makes me mad!!



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