Christian Group: Fast 40 days to prevent gay marriage.

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Patricia it will be tough, but it's a worthy cause. We all must sacrifice.

Maybe in solidarity, others will give up liver, or beef tongue. Each must do what they think is best.

Mindy it will be tough. But together we can do it.

While this will be a huge sacrifice, I'll forego eating pineapple!

I'll give up Limburger ... [sigh] but it'll be tough!

I hope their fast includes water.

Don't give up kale. It's one of the 3 ingredients in that wonderful Godfather soup at Olive Garden. Hot sausage, potato, and kale, added in the last 10 minutes. (I can make that soup in an hour.)

Seriously, fasting 40 days to prevent gay marriage. Could you believe anyone that fasted 40 days and lived to tell about it? Jebus went out into the desert and fasted, and he even saw the devil and many other things that were not there. The devil took him into a high mountain and showed him "all the kingdoms of the world." You might as well believe someone on an LSD trip than believe someone who fasted 40 days, but the christians really get a kick out of this sort of stuff. If you fast for 40 days and live you might even find a talking snake!

Managing 3 days without food today is really a big deal.

In this case, staging a hunger strike to supposedly force a government to maintain a bigoted status quo sounds a bit too much like the spoiled brat who threatens to hold his breath until he gets his way.  As Daniel stated above, we've been here before with Meachem, and he couldn't go the distance.  My sense is that these idiots are no different.

Legal gay marriage is coming.  You can lead, follow or Get Out of The Damned Way!

How is fisting supposed to prevent gay marriage?

Ohhhh ... I must have misread that.

May the force be with you SB and may the Flying Spaghetti Monster wrap you in his noodley arms.

Lers just hope that when the 40 day are up and nothing has changed, they'll go straight into another 40 days, and then keep repeating the process. After a few months the number of evangelical bigots should be diminished. ;)

@wiley, now that's something I could pray for.




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