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I'm sorry ... I just can't resist:

Looks like Jebus didn't help him, OR he helped himself regardless of Jebus. Take your pick. The remark that Phillips "didn't know the woman in a biblical way" most likely means that when they got together it wasn't for bible study.

Reading this bullshit reminded me of LDS families and how they have "family and schooling" put together in close parallel to this. People either want to have sex a lot, or they want to make sure there's more than 27 people in heaven. Home schooling helps keep this alive.

Lastly I'm reminded of a Cameron movie (hearing his name here) in which there is war in the middle east and Israel cannot be defeated because some unknown force (god) is knocking the enemy planes out of the sky. Give us a break, please.

These people actually believe this crap and it's very scarey! Home schooling should not even be permitted because it's all about religion and nobody is qualified.




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