After having my bubble recently burst by Richard Dawkins, (sorry Mr. Dawkins, I was really putting a lot of hope into you and Hitchens getting up and running with this “arrest the pope” thing) I’ve recently been searching for ANY Christian groups or individuals with the intestinal fortitude to challenge the Catholic church’s hierarchy, and speak for those who have been unable to speak for themselves (or forced NOT to speak for themselves). I was less interested in complaints, ranting, and the like and had a longing to find any instances where concrete action has been taken. That search first led me to the name of Father Thomas Doyle, who has brought to light numerous accounts of sexual abuse by clergy, as well as the ensuing cover-ups that resulted. A link to Father Doyle’s 2008 affidavit in the Jane Doe vs. OMI of Texas case, just one of many of Doyle’s affidavits, can be seen below. This particular affidavit starts with Doyle’s abundant credentials, followed by his notable history of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church dating back to the fourth century, solidifying the fact that sexual abuse by priests is not just a sign of the current, “godless” world that we are living in today. Not surprisingly, Father Doyle was fired by the Catholic Church in 2004. Reading about Doyle led me to the website “Voice From the Desert”, ( Voice From the Desert’s main objective is as follows: “Supporting survivors of clergy sexual abuse and examining the cover up, causes, and effects of that abuse”. However, Desert’s voice also extends to “all oppressed people” including women and married men who are excluded from priesthood, priests who have left the church to marry, gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, transgender people, whistleblowers who illuminate wrongs done in and by the church, and theologians who aren’t afforded their freedom of inquiry. The ultimate goal of Voice From the Desert is reformation of the Catholic Church, whether it pertain to sex abuse scandals or transparency in bookkeeping. This site also led me to many other such sites, such as, which documents the abuse crisis in the Catholic Church (an exceptional site for statistical and legal research), spotlighting a database of accused priests. (

     You may ask why I have chosen to take a look at Christian-based organizations, while writing a discussion on an Atheist-based website. What I am looking for is a way to create a united force that is larger, better equipped, and more powerful than the Vatican, or any other church or entity that would allow innocents to be tortured mentally, physically, spiritually, and sexually. What better way to take down such a might as the church then a Trojan horse filled with ranks of their own who know the ins and outs, both legally and systematically?


Father Doyle’s 2008 affidavit, Jane Doe VS. OMI of Texas:


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Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests:

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